Solar panels reduce sustainability of power grid

The study found that small-scale renewables can cause power outages. Although a network with multiple generators should be more reliable than using a single source of energy, in reality, when the generators run at different times, the network does not reach optimal levels of stability, making it prone to failures.

Reduced gas (heat) consumption

Cost approach. Elimination of problem areas. A thermal imager will help you identify problem areas that are releasing heat from your job. It can be purchased or ordered from experts. This device measures the temperature and displays an image with a marker of warmer and colder zones.

Heat metering for vertical distribution – 1

Today, the solution of apartment heat metering with vertical layout rests on the price of the issue. Converting a vertical layout to a horizontal one is expensive and not all tenants will agree. The costs are about $1630 or 29320 lei per flat. However, there is a non-obvious solution – to take into account the… Read more »

Inadequacy Coefficient

The software of the BALANCE metering system, along with the calculation of hourly balances and analytics for identifying losses based on correlation, supports the calculation of the inadequacy coefficient: an abnormally high temperature inside the room with a low or zero volume of gas consumption.

Culture of power usage

It is undesirable to turn on simultaneously powerful consumers of electricity such as an electric stove, oven, microwave, washing machine, iron, floor heating, boiler, electric kettle, air conditioner, electric fireplace, vacuum cleaner.

BALANCE prevents theft of electricity

One of the common methods of theft of electricity is the use of a magnet to affect the operation of a three-phase electric meter. As a result, the meter does not take into account the entire amount of electricity consumed due to the effect of the magnet on the current transformers, which leads to an… Read more »

«Kitchen in the city district» = FRESH

Founded by natives of Rocketbank Alexey Kolesnikov, Oleg Kozyrev, Kirill Rodin and Anton Lozin, co-founder of FoodSyuda aggregator, the service competes with the seemingly invincible giants of the delivery market – Yandex.Food and Delivery Club by Group and Sberbank.


     If you have a boat, catamaran or jet ski, but it costs a lot to maintain them, put up your offer on FRESH and people who want to spend time on the water can rent them.