Operational costs in the separate expense item

The left diagram shows the payment of gas, water, electricity and heat in the absence of meters. At the same time, operating costs are about 30%. When installing meters, the average consumption drops by about half, see the diagram in the center, respectively, the service organization will receive only half of the funds necessary to… Read more »


BALANCE – accounting and control for municipal facilities

BALANCE – is a remote, integrated account of consumption of electricity, gas, water and heat, and control of energy efficiency at municipal facilities. The indicators are transmitted from the meters not several times a month, but every hour. These data are processed, analyzed and determined, effective energy consumption or not.   BALANCE reduces the number… Read more »



Long Range Tests at High Altitudes (from Texas Instrument). Test Setup: antenna Positioning: H1 = 1000 m, 91 m for 114 km outdoor with no lost data packets


Leakage protection system

BALANCE, in addition to accounting for electricity, gas, water and heat, protects your home from water leaks. A detailed description of the apparent leakage, hidden leakage and uncontrolled flow of water and protective equipment can be found here. 


Build the Viable Net

Because of the hype on the Internet Things and LPWAN, we will consider the problems of companies in the projects IoT and LPWAN.


Apartment heat metering “BALANCE”

Why spend money on the equipment for housing heat metering? It’s worth the money! Studies conducted in the UK, in Russia, as well as the certificate of TERMOKOM, show that residents who installed equipment for apartment heat metering reduce heating bills by an average of 40-50%.