The first Smart House on Boyucani in Chisinau, Ioana Radu street 27, developer City Development (owner of NEWTON HOUSE brand) in partnership with INAMSTRO, is equipped with a BALANCE Telemetry system that automatically sends data from apartment meters of both gas and water. Water meters prepared for the installation of an impulse sensor were… Read more »

What shines for us tomorrow, or does not shine

Credit Suisse in the study “When Emissions Become Personal” calculated what a European can afford to not exceed 2.9 tons of CO2 emissions per year per person, under the Paris Agreement.

Data Query and Management ONLINE

The BALANCE metering system and communication equipment as a part of the J100 concentrator and D100 radio modules support two-way data exchange and allow not only receiving data from the radio modules, but also making real-time queries of current data, as well as managing the load – energy consumption with installed actuators – relays and… Read more »

Sabotage of multistage tariffs

Doctor of Economics Mikhail Poisik asks why Premier Energy and ANRE show no interest in implementing the generally accepted energy efficiency measures, that is, introducing multi-stage tariffs. Commentary for eNews.

Correct billing

For automated energy metering systems, when data from the metering system enter the billing system automatically, there are cases of incorrect bills.

Heat metering on risers

Today, the solution of apartment heat metering with vertical layout rests on the price of the issue. Converting a vertical layout to a horizontal one is expensive and not all tenants will agree. However, there is a non-obvious solution – to take into account the heat from the risers.

Direct contracts for the supply of water

The water supplier is in favor of concluding contracts directly with consumers. As reported by JSC “Apă-Canal Chișinău”, during the last year 3880 applications for concluding direct contracts were submitted, including with 2358 owners of apartments from 55 apartment buildings, reports. All submitted applications will be considered by the operator, and, in case of… Read more »

Wastewater monitoring

About 47 economic agents in Chisinau discharge waste water into the sewerage system. “Dozens of economic agents in the capital dump wastewater into the sewage system, in which the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances is significantly exceeded.”