Pure-play PLC smart meter shipments in Europe will peak in 2017

Annual shipments of smart electricity meters in Europe will grow by 71% in 2017 to reach 23.1 million units, according to a new research report from the M2M/IoT analyst firm Berg Insight. Growth is driven by accelerating deployments in France, Italy and the UK that coincide with the final phase of rollout in Spain.


Seven levels of data protection in the AMR/AMI system BALANCE

IoT security is often perceived as a hotbed of failures. Nevertheless, great progress is being made in this area, and many companies are working to solve common problems that lead to security failures, which are often in the news. Here are just a few examples of problems encountered in the field of IoT security, and… Read more »


Closing the 2G network from AT & T

AT & T reported that the closure of its 2G network on 1 January 2017 will allow it to rebuild the spectrum in the coming months with priority over LTE and plans for the 5G network.


AMR/AMM/AMI Internet system BALANCE presented in Moscow on the ENES 2016

AMR/AMM/AMI Internet system BALANCE presented in Moscow on the ENES 2016, on the 4th International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Development, which is the largest event in the area of development, introduction and implementation of energy-efficient technology and energy development. More and