Municipal institutions

BALANCE FOR MUNICIPAL INSTITUTIONS: why is it profitable and convenient?

The heads of municipal institutions (health, education, sports, culture, administrative buildings) and the heads of municipalities are faced with the tasks of administrative and financial structure and, first of all, these are:

* Prevent interruptions in the operation of heating systems, water and electricity;

* Optimize energy consumption;

* Time to detect leaks and flooding of basements (to prevent damage to buildings, communications and equipment);

* According to building codes, provide a temperature and humidity comfort mode.




At the facility, metering devices and sensors are connected by the Customer, for this purpose, NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED. According to the set schedule, the radio modules / controller / hub collects data and via the Internet (GSM / GPRS), transmits them to the BALANCE server. The sensor signals of the output parameters for the permissible limits are transmitted immediately.


The BALANCE system can be connected to: commercial heat metering devices, hot and cold water, electricity, gas (to monitor the quality of supplied energy, detect internal losses, promptly prevent emergency situations), balance group and tenant counters, flood and smoke detectors               (to prevent flooding and fire, leak detection, prevention of property damage), temperature and humidity sensors.


The BALANCE system can be installed on the Customer’s servers or work as a cloud solution, allowing you to receive all data via the Web interface using the Supplier’s server.


The functionality of the BALANCE Accounting System allows you to:

Employees of municipal establishments receive notifications about pipe breaks, flooding, lack of tension and pressure, smoke, low or high temperatures, access to service premises.


To reduce payments for heating up to 30% by controlling and comparing the heat consumption in different rooms and controlling the coolant flow at night and on weekends.


Reduce internal energy loss. Leakage of hot / cold water or a leak in the heating system can multiply the energy consumption, detecting even minor leaks in time can the BALANCE metering system.


Receive a report on the energy balance of the building. The difference in readings of general metering devices and internal (for leased premises) to identify energy losses and control of unauthorized connections. Possible reduction of internal energy losses up to 10%.


To control the processes in the building: temperature and humidity according to sanitary standards, as well as smoke.


View in the Web-interface the readings of all metering devices and parameters of consumed energy services in “online” or in the archive (the data are grouped and analyzed in the BALANCE with reflection of deviations of service parameters from “average”).


Determine the most energy-efficient Municipal Institution (MI) in the department (to transfer experience to the rest of the MI), evaluate the effectiveness of energy saving measures taken by the MI (equipment modernization, lighting systems and insulation, etc.).


Minimal investment.

The deployment of the BALANCE system does not require global work or gigantic budgets. It’s simple. No capital design, no complicated and special installation work. The cost of a radio module, to which up to four house-wide and individual metering devices are connected, is NOT EXPENSIVE TO 50 EURO, and on MASTER-FREE projects it can be reduced VERY ESSENTIAL. For installation of the system DO NOT REQUIRED by a qualified EXPERTS. The BALANCE accounting system is established by a municipal institution on its own.


Example of efficiency calculation: how much does ECONOMIC operation cost.
Major savings (the example of a school with an area of ​​~ 2400 m2) Average Savings % Current house costs euro / year Expected savings euro / year
Heat loss (reheating / lack of thermal insulation) 15   80 000 12 000
Heat loss (regulation at night and weekend) 15   80 000 12 000
Water loss (detection of leaks and faulty meters) 10   10 000   1 000
Energy saving (switching to LED) 20   24 000   4 800
Permanently switched on water, lighting 10   34 000   3 400
Unauthorized connections. Unbalance 10   34 000   3 400



Set for yourself, make for others.

The BALANCE system is focused on technology transfer and deployment of screwdriver production to tens of thousands and millions of devices over the course of half a year. If your sales volume reaches 15,000 radio modules per year and MORE, it makes sense to deploy a screwdriver in the region, i.e. production of products according to proven technology, according to the documentation of the manufacturer with the provision of all necessary technological and test programs and equipment.


On the one hand, this is a more PROFITABLE option, since only a fixed payment for the transfer, training and support of the developed technology is made from the product. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to sell in your region and in the EU countries, the product PRODUCED in the EU. And these are WORK PLACES and TAXES coming to the LOCAL BUDGET.


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