Founded by natives of Rocketbank Alexey Kolesnikov, Oleg Kozyrev, Kirill Rodin and Anton Lozin, co-founder of FoodSyuda aggregator, the service competes with the seemingly invincible giants of the delivery market – Yandex.Food and Delivery Club by Group and Sberbank. “Kitchen in the area” was launched in Moscow in 2017 according to the dark kitchen model – it opened cooking shops without restaurant halls, focusing solely on delivering home-cooked dishes to neighboring houses within a 2 km radius.


Due to the fact that kitchens are scattered in different areas, and couriers move only on foot or by bike, the delivery time is only 15-30 minutes (on average, faster than aggregators). This allowed the startup to abandon the cost of maintaining the halls, reduce retail prices and at the same time increase margins. Today, “Kitchen” has a “foodreactor” – the central production of semi-finished products that diverge across all kitchens of the network, as well as its own delivery service, an application for customers and separate software, including demand forecasting algorithms that allow you to constantly rotate the menu. All this, according to the founders, distinguishes their service from the standard dark kitchen.


The model by which the “Kitchen” works attracts eminent investors. The service was invested by co-owner of the PIK developer Sergey Gordeev and co-owner of the Qiwi group of companies Sergey Solonin. Total investment is several million dollars. “Kitchen” has already managed to bring three of its points to the operating plus, the next global goal is to bring the startup abroad (for example, to London and Berlin), and then compete for the status of “unicorn” – a company with a valuation of $ 1 billion or more.


  • Lack of costs for the maintenance of halls
  • High speed of service, which means low prices
  • For those who do not want to wait at all
  • To abandon the routine: cooking, cleaning, washing

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