About company

The company’s activities DJV-COM is aimed at the development and manufacture AMI/AMR system BALANCE.

Main areas of activity:

  • Development of communication technologies in the field of  ISM radio frequency bands for not requiring the licensing 315, 433, 868, 915MHz and 2,4 GHz
  • Development of sensors and controllers for data collection and management of peripheral devices
  • Production of data collection and management systems BALANCE in the field of gas, water, heat and electricity.
  • Development and maintenance of software for AMI/AMR system BALANCE


  • Radiomodule D100FC
  • Concentrator J100UC
  • GSM controller C100GC (New!)
  • Magnetic Sensor MD-02 (Elster meter)
  • Magnetic Sensor MD-03 (Metrix meter)
  • Magnetic Sensor MD-04 (AEM meter)
  • Temperature sensor DTI2X (New!)

Demonstration kits.

We offering demonstration kits to test our product, consisting of radiomodules, concentrator and software for the PC. Type of sensors and the number of radiomodules is determined by the order of demonstration kits.


For manufacturers of measuring equipment – counters of gas, water, heat, electricity, we offer the development of radios to be embedded in the equipment of manufacturer and / or support a communications protocol for intelligent interfaces.

The second area – the license to manufacture. We offer a complete design documentation, system software for collecting information and control, test software and technical support of both production and data collection systems.

These types of cooperation greatly reduce the time and cost to market entry AMM system for energy consumption.

Product Quality

Company DJV-COM orders electronic components, printed circuit boards, as well as assembling them from producers who have a certificate of conformity of quality management system international standard ISO 9001:2000.

Assembled printed circuit boards are ICQ-test for the company, carrying out assembly of electronic components.

100% of the collected devices pass the tests of functional control (FC) on the performance and conform to the specifications.

DJV-COM Company strives to constantly improve the quality of services provided to customers.