One of the common methods of theft of electricity is the use of a magnet to affect the operation of a three-phase electric meter. As a result, the meter does not take into account the entire amount of electricity consumed due to the effect of the magnet on the current transformers, which leads to an underestimation of the meter.

DJV-COM proposes the use of three single-phase shunt meters for the price of one three-phase, which provides resistance to the magnetic field and prevents theft of electricity.


DJV-COM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the BALANCE intelligent system for the comprehensive accounting of all types of energy carriers: electricity, gas, water and heat.


Possibilities BALANCE – a guarantee of 100% of the data due to:

Reservation of radio data transmission channels;


Hub redundancy: more than one is allowed on the network;


Server redundancy – data is duplicated on the backup server


Data transfer to the billing system – open API protocol, export to .dbf, .xls and in any format at the request of the Customer;


Balance by phase, home, district, city (we recommend installing common house single-phase meters for phase metering);


Identification of THEFT: shunting of current or voltage windings or faulty metering devices based on balance analysis:


Night / day rate based on hourly profiles of pulse output;


Temperature for 0 hours or hourly temperature profiles: remote or built-in sensor – temperature control of transformers;


Power failure sensor – message to the operator and subscriber;


Possibility of remote control of an external relay – on request;


Distribution of losses on networks by phases and recommendations on the distribution of subscribers by phases to reduce losses;


Work with metering devices according to European standards with a pulse and pause duration of 30 ms – up to 6 metering devices per radio module;


Control of a short circuit of a pulse output + control of a break in the presence of a reverse biased diode on the pulse output;


Theft control – incorrect phase / zero connection if there is a zero-crossing sensor on the meter.


Ripple Control – reduction of consumption during network overload – when installing external relays to disconnect the secondary load


The BALANCE system is useful not only to the supplier, but also to the consumer, who can control the consumption of services using a web application. You can subscribe to the control of consumption, temperature, consumption forecast at the end of the month, and in case of exceeding these standards, receive a message on your smartphone.


The BALANCE mobile app can be downloaded here.


DJV-COM is a leading provider of solutions for the advanced integrated metering infrastructure (AMI) of electricity, water, heat and gas, which includes communication equipment – radios D100, hubs J100, server software with an open API and web applications for the user, including on a smartphone. Over the past 12 years, DJV-COM with partners has supplied over 65,000 metering points to Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.


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