If you have a boat, catamaran or jet ski, but it costs a lot to maintain them, put up your offer on FRESH and people who want to spend time on the water can rent them.

     FRESH is a new area for renting items, renting out bedrooms or backyard space. Everything that you have can become a source of additional income, and everything that you want to rent can be borrowed from a friendly stranger for a while.

     For people with a limited budget, the option of renting a room, bed, bicycle is more suitable … You can rent a car, garage, pool, sauna or courtyard for those who like to cook barbecue. You WILL NOT REFUSE to receive monthly income from your assets, which you use only from time to time.


     Do you have a summer cottage or a farm with a beautiful view or maybe it is on the bank of a river or reservoir? Set up a tent for summer in your garden and rent it out to those who wish. Or maybe you raise fish, invite amateur fishermen, put your offer on FRESH.

     If your campsite is at FRESH, we will send vacationers to your empty courtyards and private lands, where they can spend the night and relax. These can be tents, wigwams and yurts on your land.

     Tourists are encouraged by the opportunity to visit new places, get fresh impressions, and for you this is an additional source of income. Are you a culinary specialist? Give a cooking lesson – joint cooking of specialties, you DJ – teach others. Maybe you have a farm? Set up a tent, offer fresh milk and hot bread, homemade wine and sheep cheese. A boat trip is a commodity, fishing is a commodity. Are you lonely? Invite people (perhaps people like you) to join your family dinner.


     Maybe you have extra space? You can open the “capsule hotel”, which is now fashionable, where up to six places can be placed on an area of ​​only 15m3. Maybe you don’t sleep at night and make great coffee in your favorite coffee maker? Make a “coffee at night” service for passing passengers. Do you like flowers and have enough free space? Open the “flower hotel” for those who wish to convey flower care.


     After the most necessary, to which we are all accustomed to: electricity, plumbing, heating, the next in line is the delivery of drinking water, or a stationary filter system at home, the delivery of detergents, delicious hot bread and dairy products. FRESH platform will help you find those who want, determine the availability and position of your couriers.


     Perhaps you are the owner of a large second-hand store. It can be turned into a “Big Cabinet” or “New Outfit.” One person went into the store, but a completely different one came out. A service where you can completely change clothes – jackets, shirts, trousers, shoes, a bag – in general – EVERYTHING. Moreover, your clothes, if they are in good condition, will be appreciated and accepted, and you will only have to pay the difference in price. If you like to often change the style of clothing and you have no time to clean it, then this is for you!

     People willingly share their homes, cars, bicycles and everyday life. We recommend that, in order to avoid accidental troubles, insure the property that you are renting. Contact insurance companies and legal advice can also be found on our FRESH platform.

     More details on the FRESH platform can be found on the website, where you can also download the application on Android. Please send questions and suggestions to