Smart” water meters will be installed in new buildings in Chisinau. This provision is included in the draft decision approved by the Chisinau Municipal Council, IPN reports.

Alexander Odintsov, chairman of the Socialist Party faction in the CCM, said that with the approval of this decision, the requested technical requirements will also include the obligation to install new smart water meters in the units that allow remote reading of data. This, according to the adviser, will make the activities of the supplier “Vodokanal Chisinau” more efficient.


The first Smart House on Boyucani in Chisinau, Ioana Radu street 27, developer City Development (owner of NEWTON HOUSE brand) in partnership with INAMSTRO, is equipped with a BALANCE Telemetry system that automatically sends data from apartment meters of both gas and water. Water meters prepared for the installation of an impulse sensor were supplied by SERVOSTAL


Why the BALANCE system and “Smart Home” based on it?

Affordable cost – the ability to connect up to six meters to one radio module, which proportionally reduces the cost of the system.


Cloud service – data is collected and archived on a remote server, regardless of whether your computer or smartphone is running.


Saving PROFILE data from sensors. Ability to view data at a depth of several years and compare with the previous year.


Compatibility – the pulse sensor is compatible with meters from different manufacturers, which allows you to choose a meter by cost / quality.


Summing up monthly, daily and hourly balances of water consumption.


The possibility of introducing a night tariff – water is cheaper at night J.


Detecting gas and water leaks – why pay extra? And the detection of gas leaks is the SAFETY of the WHOLE HOUSE.


Mobile application BALANCE mobile both on Android and iOS is available to EVERY user with the BALANCE system installed.

BALANCE is a metering platform for electricity, water, heat and gas with data reliability control: open circuit, contact bounce, exposure to an external magnetic field and analytics for detecting leaks and faulty metering devices, and for electricity gives recommendations on how to reduce house losses by optimally distributing consumers across phases, and also calculates losses for consumers.


It is easy to add additional sensors: phase voltages with a log of average hourly voltages, wiring spark sensors, voltage sensor on the neutral wire, phase voltage loss sensor, water pressure loss sensor in the water supply system, hourly temperature profile in electrical panels and service rooms, temperature rise / fall sensor in refrigeration units…


When installing the BALANCE metering system for electricity, there is an opportunity to increase energy efficiency – through the introduction of multi-stage tariffs based on hourly consumption profiles. “For the population with appropriate metering devices, payment for consumed energy at night (from 11 pm to 7 am) is charged with a coefficient of 0.6 of the established tariff.”


Premier Energy is open for dialogue. Thus, the leadership of the association of residents of the residential complex Newton House took the initiative to install equipment for remote data transmission by electricity. Of course, there are still many questions, but the first steps have been taken and there is hope that Newton House residents will be able to pay for electricity at multi-stage tariffs.


About the capabilities of the BALANCE system on web


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