Construction companies

BALANCE FOR CONSTRUCTION FIRMS: why is it profitable and convenient?

The system of automated accounting of energy resources is not only a means for managing companies, energy sales organizations, municipal services, and hotel and shopping complexes. Of course, BALANCE brings many benefits to those who serve residential apartment buildings: from remote meter reading  to processing, analyzing and sending to billing.

But construction firms are not only interested in this.

Any construction company is looking for ways to increase the purchasing power of a residential building. Because this is a direct benefit for the developer. The BALANCE system will help you increase PRESTIGE, which means profit from your projects:

* Installation of software and hardware complex BALANCE at the construction stage.

* Control of ACCIDENTS and LEAKAGE (ZERO) energy consumption in unsold apartments.

* Control of UNAUTHORIZED connections to the engineering networks of the constructed facilities.

* Control of energy consumption and the correctness of their payment in apartments and offices RENTED FOR RENT.




At the facility, metering devices and sensors are connected by the Customer, for this purpose, NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED. According to the set schedule, the radio modules / controller / hub collects data and via the Internet (GSM / GPRS), transmits them to the BALANCE server. The sensor signals of the output parameters for the permissible limits are transmitted immediately.


In addition to electricity metering devices, metering equipment for heat energy, hot and cold water, temperature control sensors, as well as light sensors can be connected to the BALANCE system. The BALANCE system can be installed on the Customer’s servers or work as a cloud solution, allowing you to receive all data via the Web interface using the Supplier’s server.


Decision for the future.

If the house is more modern in all respects, then the apartment is more attractive for the buyer. This is an unshakable thesis. For example, build an apartment building, which, without additional manipulation, simplifies and improves the life of the apartment owner. Tell about this potential audience. And then you will want to buy an apartment already at the stage of excavation. Even more willing than now.


This works with common home accounting. The confidence that the Management Company will work openly and as accurately as possible increases the credibility of the project and helps to convince customers in your favor.


And the need for individual accounting is even easier to explain. Imagine that instead of the landlord, the system automatically reports on the consumption of water, electricity and gas. Nothing to record and send is no longer necessary. It only remains to receive a receipt and pay for it. We are sure that there are no such people who will refuse such a convenient “option”.


Speaking about investments.

To “simplify and improve the life of the apartment owner” does not require global work or gigantic budgets. Everything is more prosaic. No capital design, no complicated and special installation work. The cost of a radio module, to which up to four house-wide and individual metering devices are connected, is NOT EXPENSIVE TO 50 EURO, and on MASTER-FREE projects it can be reduced VERY ESSENTIAL. For installation of the system DO NOT REQUIRED by a qualified EXPERTS. The BALANCE accounting system is established by the DEVELOPER or the INTEGRATOR company on its own. All other operating expenses, including communication costs, will be paid in the future by the Management Company or the tenants’ association.


Example of efficiency calculation: you install, it pays off from the USER.
Major savings (the example for separate 100 apartment building) Average Savings % Current house costs euro/year Expected savings euro/year
Heat loss (overheating / heat insulation) 20   80 000 16 000
Water loss (detection of leaks and faulty meters) 30     9 000   2 700
Gas loss (leak detection and faulty meters) 10   24 000   2 400
Electricity loss (lighting and unbalance) 10   24 000   2 400
Unauthorized connections to networks 10 137 000 13 700


Set for yourself, make for others.

The BALANCE system is focused on technology transfer and deployment of screwdriver production to tens of thousands and millions of devices over the course of half a year. If your sales volume reaches 15,000 radio modules per year and MORE, it makes sense to deploy a screwdriver in the region, i.e. production of products according to proven technology, according to the documentation of the manufacturer with the provision of all necessary technological and test programs and equipment.


On the one hand, this is a more PROFITABLE option, since only a fixed payment for the transfer, training and support of the developed technology is made from the product. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to sell in your region and in the EU countries, the product PRODUCED in the EU. And these are WORK PLACES and TAXES coming to the LOCAL BUDGET.


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