In 2020 Russia introduces “Smart Meters”

From July of next year, the law on the “intelligent electric energy metering system” (No. 522-ФЗ dated December 27, 2018) will enter the stage of “active implementation”.

ANRE said it was illegal to include in the consumers’ accounts additional volumes of water in excess of their consumption on the meter, noting that such actions should be punished.

In particular, the National Agency for Energy Regulation informs end consumers that, according to Law No. 322/30/11/2018, which entered into force on March 8, 2019 after publication in the Monitorul Oficial, provisions providing for an additional proportional distribution among unallocated apartments volumes of water recorded at the outlet of the total meter of a residential… Read more »

Efficient Platform for Sales SERVICES «FRESS»

With the sale of goods, almost everything is clear: put your goods on AliExpress, EBay, Amazon or other Internet resources and trade. Quick product search, convenient payment, no delivery problems. With the sale of SERVICES is becoming more difficult. Unlike Goods, the SERVICE is often tied to the PLACE of the provision of the SERVICE…. Read more »

Increase sales at times & be OnLine «FREE ACCESS» Application

Shops without a future: where and why do supermarkets go To date, sales, and now SERVICES in their traditional format, have no future. And, as in any process of evolution, an advantage is given to one who, before others, realizes the inevitability of change and begins to adapt to a new reality.

BALANCE mobile

BALANCE mobile is a simple and effective solution for intelligent data reading of energy resources in your home. The mobile app has the same functionality as the BALANCE web app but is targeted and optimized for mobile devices. If you have the remote recorder system installed by DJV-COM. you can use BALANCE mobile to access… Read more »

Energy vampires

Standby energy, or phantom load, refers to the energy consumption of appliances left idle or on standby. In addition to leaving the lights on in an empty room or falling asleep with the TV on, other examples of similar “energy vampire” include leaving a laptop plugged in and leaving a WiFi router plugged in overnight… Read more »

Vodokanal Road Map

When there is no money for the modernization of distribution networks, but there are large losses of energy resources, we convert the losses into live money.

Russians will be transferred to smart counters

The Ministry of Construction intends to make compulsory installation of remote meters. Installation in homes of meters with the function of remote transmission of indications is proposed to be made mandatory next year. This will allow to put things in order in the sphere of payments for utilities, since information about the consumed resources will… Read more »

Smart Future of Energy

According to the forecast of the International Energy Agency, the world demand for electricity from 2015 to 2040 will increase by 70%. Four main trends reflect these changes: transition to renewable energy sources, decentralization of electricity generation, focus on energy efficiency of buildings and urban infrastructure, mastering the latest Internet technologies of things.