The water supplier is in favor of concluding contracts directly with consumers. As reported by JSC “Apă-Canal Chișinău”, during the last year 3880 applications for concluding direct contracts were submitted, including with 2358 owners of apartments from 55 apartment buildings, reports. All submitted applications will be considered by the operator, and, in case of compliance with the requirements of the law, a contract will be directly concluded with each applicant.

In this regard, we recommend that each apartment owner separately, as well as the managers of apartment buildings, prepare a package of documents required to conclude direct contracts for the supply / provision of public water supply and sewerage services, and bring it to the operator’s central office located on Albisoara street , 38. Working hours: from Monday to Thursday, from 08.00 to 17.00, on Friday – from 08.00 to 15.45 ”

The documents must include a completed application form, as well as a copy of an identity document and a copy of a title deed or other document confirming the ownership of the real estate that is the relevant place of consumption. In addition, pre-contractual information must be attached to the contract for the supply / provision of public water supply and sewerage services.

According to the provisions of the legislation, in apartment buildings where contracts for the supply / provision of public water supply and sewerage services are concluded with the manager of a residential building, charges for services are charged on the basis of the approved tariffs and the volume of water recorded by a common meter installed at the water supply in the apartment building.

In the case of the supply / provision of a public water supply and sewerage service on the basis of contracts concluded by the operator with each owner / tenant of the apartment separately, charges for services are calculated based on the indications of individual meters installed in apartments and approved tariffs. (

Why BALANCE system and “Smart Home” based on it?

Does not require laying of cables – does not spoil the appearance of the premises.

Scalability – you can equip not only an apartment, but the entire building – up to thirty levels of data packet retransmission = DMesh

Autonomy – the sensors do not require external power supply, the radio modules are powered by batteries, the concentrator has a backup power supply for autonomous operation for several weeks, data is transmitted to the server via cellular communication, with backup power in case of power outages. All data from the sensors are recorded and transmitted regardless of the presence of voltage in the 220 V networks.

Affordable cost – the ability to connect up to several simple sensors to one radio module, which proportionally reduces the total cost of the system.

Cloud service – data is collected and archived on a remote server, regardless of whether your computer or smartphone is running.

Saving PROFILES data from sensors. The ability to view data to a depth of several years.

BALANCE is a professional platform for accounting for all types of energy resources – electricity, water, heat, gas with data reliability control and problem identification analytics.

An integrated approach – it is easy to add sensors to energy metering and vice versa: add energy metering to sensors.

Mobile version – sensors can control cargo parameters – temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination.

BALANCE mobile application for Android here:

More information about BALANCE is on the website, and we will be glad to hear your suggestions at

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