About 47 economic agents in Chisinau discharge waste water into the sewerage system. “Dozens of economic agents in the capital dump wastewater into the sewage system, in which the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances is significantly exceeded.”

This conclusion was contained in a report on the causes of the unpleasant odor emanating from the treatment facilities, which was presented on August 31, 2020, at a meeting of the Chisinau City Council at the request of the PL adviser Veronica Hertsa, reports.


Currently, about 47 large economic agents discharge wastewater into the municipal sewage system, as they do not have their own water pre-treatment plants. This situation contributes to the appearance of odor from treatment facilities. Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban announced this yesterday at a meeting of the Municipal Council.


At the same time, according to the deputy mayor, Apa Canal Chisinau does not use all the levers at their disposal to bring economic agents violating the law to justice.


Economic agents do not discharge wastewater during the day when samples are taken, but late in the evening or early in the morning when mobile teams are not on site. The director of Apa Canal Chisinau will create mobile groups, identify addresses at risk, there is a list of at least 47 large economic agents that dispose of wastewater. In the next 60 days, unannounced checks will be carried out at these addresses. Economic agents have already been identified that exceed the permissible limits by 10 times. They need to send notifications, otherwise they will be disconnected from the public sewer system, ”said Ion Ceban.


The situation is constantly monitored, and we will not allow violations, especially since it was found that ineffective management and lack of prompt action to eliminate this problem are the main factors that led to the reappearance of an unpleasant odor in Chisinau,” said Mayor Ion Ceban.


The water quality monitoring sensor allows you to monitor the level of Water Hardness – the presence of calcium and magnesium salts in wastewater.


Water quality is cyclical, with daily, weekly and seasonal cycles. For this reason, we control the hourly profiles of salt concentration – which prevents economic agents from discharging wastewater both late in the evening and early in the morning, or at any other time, and mobile groups do not need to be on the territory of the enterprise.


Thanks to the BALANCE automated control system, it is possible to obtain information on the water quality for each object equipped with a sensor and D100FC radio modules, and the number of monitoring objects is unlimited. The system is applicable for year-round monitoring and is convenient because there is no need to visit them to retrieve information from all objects.


The current consumed by the radio module is insignificant, and a lithium battery of size A lasts up to six years of autonomous operation.


It is possible to connect additional sensors: for example, temperature and the content of volatile organic substances in the air.


DJV-COM offers BALANCE hardware and software platform, and also seeks interested parties for cooperation.


The BALANCE mobile app can be downloaded here.


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