The BALANCE metering system and communication equipment as a part of the J100 concentrator and D100 radio modules support two-way data exchange and allow not only receiving data from the radio modules, but also making real-time queries of current data, as well as managing the load – energy consumption with installed actuators – relays and valves.

To request data, control the load, use the “Add command” option in the menu. «Add command» has the following submenu:

  • “data request” – this command gives us the ability to request data in real time from the radio module.
  • “enable relay” – command to the radio module to turn off the energy 
  • “turn off relay” – command to the radio module to turn on the energy 


Note: when using relays (valves), where automatic activation is not provided, but only manual, the command to turn on the energy resource simply removes the status flag of the disconnected relay.


To execute the commands “data request”, “turn on the relay”, “turn off the relay” – the system in automatic mode first makes a request to receive data (to control the relay), and then within 3 – 4 minutes receives a response. This happens when the concentrator is operational – there is power on it and a paid GSM subscriber, as well as a built radio data transmission network. With an overloaded radio network (if the radio modules transmit archived data at this time), the answer is not guaranteed, you may need to send a request later.

To view the current data sent by the radio module, do not forget to set the current date in the calendar menu, and change to the “current” data in the “archived” menu. An example of displaying current data is shown above. On the selected day (24th day of the month), hourly data is displayed from zero hours of the selected day until the request is received by the radio module.


A number of sensors are also available, which can be used to obtain both archived and current data. These are temperature sensors, noise level sensors, light sensors, radiation sensors, bee swarming sensors, gas pollution sensors – volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, methane, acetylene, carbon dioxide, drinking water quality sensors and water quality sensors from technological production, control sensors neutral wire, sparking sensors of electrical wiring, sensors for monitoring the voltage in the network and the level of battery charge and many others – for almost any of your requirements – either ready-made or on order.


In addition, sensors for maximum permissible modes are available, from which the radio module will send a notification when an alarm is detected: temperature rise / fall above / below the permissible, access control, liquid level control, pressure control in the water supply network, control of the presence of voltage in the AC network and many others, practically for any of your requirements, also either ready-made or under the order.


All data are archived by the BALANCE system and are available for viewing for any period. It also provides export in the form of tables or export to a database in the required format.


The main function of the BALANCE system is control of the consumption of energy carriers of electricity, gas, water, heat, to optimize your costs.


BALANCE mobile application for Android here:


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