Apă-Canal Taraclia renegotiates contracts with consumers. The only question that causes disputes between consumers and the operator is at whose expense the installation, replacement and metrological verification of water meters will be carried out in accordance with the new contract.

        The National Energy Regulatory Agency replied that “when setting tariffs for the public water supply service Apă-Canal Taraclia, it should be requested that the costs [of installation, replacement and metrological verification of water meters] be included in the tariff for the public water supply service”. ANRE did not approve the tariffs due to the lack of such a request.

          At the same time, the ANRE emphasizes, “the fact that the current tariffs do not contain these costs does not exempt the operator from fulfilling its obligations to install and maintain water meters for household consumers in accordance with Law No.303/2013”.

        Law No.303/2013, article 26, part (4), point a) states that: “The acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance, repair, replacement and metrological verification of water meters are carried out:

        – at the inputs to apartment buildings and individual houses – by the operator, at the expense of the financial resources provided for in the tariff for the public water supply and sewerage service, calculated according to the Methodology for the determination, approval and application of tariffs for the public water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment service, approved by ANRE ;

        – in apartments of multi-apartment residential buildings that have entered into direct contracts with the operator or enter into direct contracts with the operator – by the operator at the expense of the financial resources provided for in the tariff for the public water supply and sewerage service, calculated in accordance with the Methodology for determining, approving and applying tariffs for the public water supply service, sewerage and wastewater treatment approved by ANRE.

        Metering system “BALANCE”

        Perhaps your tank is leaking, or the tap is not closing reliably. You may not know about this, but at the same time you pay monthly for extra cubes of unused water. The “Smart” BALANCE system will warn you about this from the analysis of consumption profiles.

        Perhaps there is a gas leak in your apartment, but you don’t feel it? But this is not good either for health or for the wallet. And if the doors and windows are tightly closed, an explosion can occur. The “Smart” BALANCE metering system will warn you about a leak – you yourself can see the constant gas consumption hour after hour. Just for the sake of safety, it’s worth installing a remote reading of readings.

        Perhaps your children or elderly parents sometimes forget to turn on the burner or oven on the gas stove. You will see this with a “smart” system and you can take security measures.

        The consumption of electrical appliances in standby mode is referred to as “energy vampires”. This is a laptop, a WiFi router, a TV, especially with the Internet, a clock, a washing machine, a microwave oven, three-four chargers for the phone, a stereo system, a computer, a monitor. Each consumes up to 10 watts, but there are many of them, and if they are turned on around the clock, they can account for up to 30% – 40% of your energy consumption. The metering system detects regular electricity consumption and draws your attention to this.


        Maybe you want to know how efficiently you use electricity, gas, water compared to the average at home? At your service is an energy efficiency indicator for each type of energy resource. Now you can estimate whether you are saving or wasting energy resources.


        Perhaps you don’t want controllers to come into your home when you are away because you have young children or elderly parents? The “Smart” metering system BALANCE will transfer data from meters to the energy supplier without visiting the controller.

        Perhaps you are often away from home for a long time and you receive incorrect bills. Then you have to find out this issue with the supplier for a long time. If you want to receive correct bills, set up a remote reading of readings.


        Or maybe you just don’t want controller visits or are afraid of getting infected. Then install the equipment of the BALANCE metering system.

        When you are away from home, do you know what is going on in your house? Has a pipe burst, has a light or iron left on, has a gas oven been switched off, has a refrigerator or a gas boiler deteriorated? Or maybe the electricity was knocked out, which means that the refrigerator and the gas boiler will not work and an unpleasant surprise will await you upon arrival. The “smart” BALANCE system will notify you of possible emergency situations and send you a message.

        Or maybe “guests” have come to you? By setting the flow control to “0”, you will receive a message if guests turn on gas or water or turn on electricity.

        On request, we offer a range of sensors – temperature, door opening, humidity, leaks, gas pollution, power outages and a whole series of others – a message from which you will receive on your phone.

        Maybe you rent an apartment, office, boutique, garage? Then you might be wondering how much energy actually consumed and how much your tenants actually paid.

       Are you a fan of the environment? The “smart” BALANCE system will convert the energy carrier into other energy units: cubic meters of gas, kilowatts, gigacalories, carbon dioxide emissions and the number of trees needed to absorb it.

       Wireless system – quick installation, can be rearranged to another location without problems.


       Why BALANCE system and “Smart Home” based on it?

        Does not require laying of cables – does not spoil the appearance of the premises.

        Scalability – it is possible to equip not only an apartment, but the entire building – up to thirty levels of data packet retransmission = multi-level DMesh communication technology

       Autonomy – the sensors do not require external power, the radio modules are powered by batteries, the concentrator has a backup power supply for autonomous operation for several weeks, data is transmitted to the server via cellular communication, with backup power in case of power outages. All data from the sensors are recorded and transmitted regardless of the presence of voltage in the 220 V networks.

       Affordable cost – the ability to connect up to several simple sensors to one radio module, which proportionally reduces the total cost of the system

       Cloud service – data is collected and archived on a remote server, regardless of whether your computer or smartphone works

       Saving PROFILES data from sensors. Ability to view not only current data, but also hourly and daily data to a depth of several years


        BALANCE is a professional platform for metering for all types of energy resources – electricity, water, heat, gas with data reliability control and analytics for identifying problems

        An integrated approach – it is easy to add all kinds of sensors to energy metering and vice versa: add energy metering to the sensors.


       Mobile version – sensors control the parameters of transported goods – temperature, humidity, pressure, illumination.


       The FRESH platform – organically complements the capabilities of the BALANCE system – allows you to track the position of objects, take into account the availability of objects, take into account the working hours of remote employees and use sensors built into a smartphone.

       BALANCE mobile application for Android here:

       More information about BALANCE on the website, and we will be glad to hear your recommendations at


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