Heat: Meters and sensors

Heat meters with pulse output and additional sensors to work with AMI system BALANCE.

Heat meters with pulse output


Heat meters are generated pulses proportional to the amount of heat consumed and transmits the signal to the radio D100FC. To work together with the radio module D100FC used conventional cable terminating tip. For connection to the radio module it is necessary to order an adapter screw.

We recommend using counters on LLC “VALTEK”, LLC “Liom plus” and Maddalena S.P.A., who were tested with the radio module D100FC. The radio module detects an accident in the event of a short circuit of the cable transmitting pulses of heat meters.



Version with pulse output



(non-polar output)

Heat meter MicroClima


Valentin Mardari

Tel  +39 3355 760277, Fax +39 0432 679820



skype: valentin-mardari


Version with pulse output

1kW * h / imp

(400-600 ms)


Heat meter Multidata S1-1 С5 ISF MB Qn 1,5

MINOL –  Russia

str. Novatorov 13,  Tyumen, 625014, Russia

Nikitin Ivan

Tel./fax: (3452) 681-341,  (3452) 566-341, 681-343



Version with pulse output




Heat meter PolluCom E/EX

SensusBel  (SENSUS)  Belarus

Kozlova 7a, Minsk, Belarus 220038

Dmitry Sharipov

Phone: +37 5296384523, Fax:     +37 5172995524



List of supported heat meters contained in document DJV_Water_Heat_meters_ru.pdf. You can also use other heat meters with pulse output “open collector”, with a weight of 1 kW*hour pulse and a pulse duration not less than 125 milliseconds.


Additional sensors to work in the AMI system BALANCE


To control the heating parameters can be used additional sensors: pressure pwitch – to control the pressure in the heating network, temperature sensor – to control the coolant temperature, sensor to monitor water leaks and floods the room and alarm emergency shutdown of the heating network.



   Pressure Switch BLPS

– Setting dimension 8mm, G1/8″ Male

– Operating temperature from -30° C to + 80° C

– Pressure is open/closed    0.3/0.5 bar

– Cable – wire length 1.5m (2m)

– Class of Protection IP67, pressure up to 250 PSI

– Passport  BLPS-YKL02 200-0.3-0.5.jpg


Water leakage sensor LD-01

– It generates a signal when struck by water

– Safe voltage level – up to 3.6 volts

– Housing protected against splashing and wet floor

– Cable – wire length 1.5m (2m)

– In standby mode does not require power

– Built-break detection of sensor


Temperature sensor DTI2-C, (B, A)

– Installation to a tee DN15 M

– Operating temperature range from +3° C to +100° C

– Temperature measurement accuracy C – 0,5° C; B – 0,12° C;  A – 0.06° C,

– Cable – wire length 1.5m (2m)

– Response time in the water not more than 12 s at 0.4 m/s

– Class of Protection IP67