more_then_200For two weeks the number of such cases has increased significantly. For assistance to the experts of JSC “Apă- Canal Chişinău” (ACC) turned more than 200 customers in the capital due to the freezing of water inputs and water meters because of the cold weather.

As the ACC to its press release, despite repeated warnings and precautions, in just two weeks, the number of such cases has increased significantly.


Supplier of water encourages consumers to take the necessary steps to protect and safeguard the physical integrity of the well with the water meter, check to see whether the freeze basements of houses. Experts from the ACC recommends consumers follow when building depth of the pipe in the future to operate them properly. It should also be properly insulated cold water meters. In addition, the supplier recalls managing residential buildings on the need for appropriate insulation manholes and manholes for access to in-house sewer and water networks.


In order to avoid accidents and unnecessary costs, the vendor recommends that consumers of water to isolate the water inlets and water meters with special materials, leaving open only the display to read the data on the consumption of water. In addition, cover well with the meter shall be closed tightly as possible.


Experts from “Apă-Canal Chişinău” remind us that if these conditions are not met, and the equipment will freeze, the provision of water services will continue to be suspended. By law, consumers are required to provide insulation placement of metering devices to prevent freezing of water meters installed at water input.


Installation of the AMR/AMM system BALANCE allows you to collect information on the hourly and daily consumption of water, control the temperature at the installation site radios and signal when the temperature approaches zero.


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More than 200 cases of freezing water pipes and water meters recorded in the capital of Moldova