DJV-COM announces support for local farmers. Today, farmers who grow their own vegetables and fruits are on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to the introduction of a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and universal quarantine, traditional markets for agricultural products are being closed.

To help local producers establish interaction with customers for marketing their products, the online platform FRESH (website places the SERVICES of farmers in the “Agricultural products” category. We will contact each farmer personally, help create an account and teach you how to use the Android application. Your service will appear in the FRESH database, and you can follow the statistics and manage your property on the map. The publication of your SERVICES will be available to all users of FRESH, which will increase your sales, and for users will expand the choice of product range and best prices.


Interested farmers can contact DJV-COM at or call (+373) 22 438341.

Or maybe you have a mobile shop for selling products on different days in different markets or a sales courier on wheels?


Do you want you and your regular customers to know where you can be found today?


You and your customers can see the location of your mobile stall or courier, and can also order delivery of your products if you are nearby, and after making an order, you can track the delivery of your order through the application on the map and see where the courier is at that time.


Or maybe you want to take into account the working hours of your implementers remotely? This is also not a problem, the FRESH application on Android takes into account the time of your employees or workmates and archives the information on the site. More details can be found here.


Or maybe you have a mobile cafe, a snack bar (food truck) or a mobile lounge? The application will help you to significantly increase the impact of your mobile business, as regular visitors and one-time visitors will be able to see your situation and use your services both early in the morning and late at night.


Well, maybe you decided to organize a visiting dental office. There are big problems with this in the districts – not every settlement can afford a professional dentist. Your patients will know how your situation is, as well as information about whether you can accept them NOW or not? And in the case of your employment, they can subscribe to a message about your availability, and you can see how many subscribers you have for your service.


The FRESH platform allows you to create a closed group for your business. Information about the location and availability of the employee (service) will be available only to members of this group. If an employee (service) is available, the – ACCESSIBLE icon will light up.


DJV-COM is looking for interested businessmen and craftsmen for mutually beneficial cooperation.


The mobile application can be downloaded here:

This is a test version. Property management and subscription to Messages are available ONLY to registered users.


More details are available on the website, and registration and wishes will be glad to hear from you at