We have developed and are developing a service that simplifies the tracking of working hours of remote or field employees and helps to calculate and pay them salaries.

Relevance has increased thousands of times against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. The world will never be the same again. An increasing number of employees are required to work remotely. 


The problem is quite simple – if your employee is “in the fields”, then in fact you do not know what he is doing and whether he is there, where he should be. It is this problem that the FRESH service solves. This is a platform that consists of the employee’s mobile application and the employer’s personal account. 

Everything works quite simply – an employee on the phone (while on Android, the iPhone version is planned) installs the application. It is so simple that it does not require special training in its use. Upon arrival, a person presses one button and calmly begins to do his work. At this moment (in real time), the countdown of time spent on the task begins in the office. At the same time, there is a link to geolocation based on GSM and GPRS services, and you can definitely make sure (and the service tracks) that the person is exactly where he should be. Further, on the server in the employer’s personal account, all information is collected for the month (by week, day and hour) and it is quite easy to check every day, as well as how much time was spent, what and where exactly and pay according to previously entered tariffs. 

There are a lot of similar services in the world, for example ClockShark, whose logo you see above, GROTEM / Agent, specializes in visiting staff for FMCG (merchandisers, promoters and other sales representatives). Planado, for work with builders and repair crews. 


FRESH is a UNIVERSAL service that provides all areas of business, for example, ORANGE and MoldCell – mobile employees or Premier Energy and MoldovaGaz – work and customer service on the move. And also a universal platform called “Where are mine”, where closed groups are created and you can observe the activity and position of your employees. 


“Where are mine – couriers” for Andys Pizza, LaPlacinte, drug delivery and flower delivery. Where mine are – a network for the removal of construction waste and delivery of goods, an access network for municipal workers and chairmen of ACC associations, an accessibility network “My plumber” and “My electrician”. 

DJV-COM offers the FresH platform, and is also looking for interested businessmen and craftsmen for mutually beneficial cooperation. 


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