Many citizens expected apartments to become cheaper during the state of emergency due to the situation with coronavirus in the country. However, experts believe that so far there is no reason to reduce real estate prices, which, on the contrary, have risen.

CHISINAU, Mar 31 – Sputnik. Coronavirus broke the plans of many people in the republic. Many real estate companies have refused to promote and sell apartments. Others set about developing a new customer acquisition strategy.


The director of the marketing department of the metropolitan real estate company Julia Herza told Sputnik Moldova that the site of their company with a catalog of apartments for sale is in great demand: page views have grown by 15%.


It may seem strange, but the number of people interested in apartments has not decreased. We are glad that now people have time to familiarize themselves with each apartment, analyze, ask us the necessary questions, and also delve into all the moments associated with buying or loaning an apartment “added Herza.


She noted that during quarantine people no longer want to go to the apartment and inspect it personally. In this case, as Herz noted, real estate agents find the best solution.


Our employees started making online apartment presentations. They go to the room with a mobile phone, and at the request of potential buyers show every corner of the house. Only if customers are happy with everything, the conditions for a personal visit to the apartment before purchasing it are discussed,” Hertsa said.


According to the interlocutor, the company did not practice this before, but at the moment, customers really appreciate this opportunity to get acquainted with real estate.


Herza      believes     that     apartment    prices   will    not    decline    yet.


“Apartments still retain their value. We don’t know how long this situation will last in the country, but we hope for the best that everything will fall into place soon. Prices remain the same because there is demand,” Hertsa explained.

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