The meaning of the superapp application is easily explained by the example of a cargo taxi. “A cargo taxi is a very necessary service, but it is needed once a year.

And for the sake of this, you will not install the application forever. Each time you will download and delete, download and delete. Therefore, a cargo taxi service cannot exist as a separate application. On the FRESH platform, we want to combine such products as UberYandex Food, Profi.RU and AliExpress, which focuses on SERVICES. And it is real.

Universal service. Why is the application on the phone? If you need a tow truck, you are unlikely to be able to call it through a computer! Moreover, it is necessary to call not any, but the NEAREST AVAILABLE. Maybe you need an AMBULANCE? And REALLY FAST! You can call a private ambulance, and the NEAR and AVAILABLE 


Are you MOM with a small child? You can order online delivery of medicines, through PRODUCTS for BABIES – diapers and food, through CLOTHES – underpants, shoes through FOOTWEAR ONLINE, and they will deliver it to you. Or maybe you need to pick up food from KITCHEN for BABIES? You can call the nearest COURIER or VOLUNTEER, and if you do not want to work with new people, subscribe to YOUR COURIER or VOLUNTEER, and when he is FREE, you will receive a message about his AVAILABILITY. 


If you have lowered both wheels at once, instead of calling the ECUATOR, you can call the nearest TIRE ASSEMBLY to the HOUSE. Maybe your BOY does not cheer? Call Santa Claus or Barmaleybut for a GIRL, a Fairy or Snow Maiden is better.  


And if your BOY is already in years, call him TAMADA or SILVER, or at worst, FREE EARS. Maybe you should sing for him? VYSOTSKY is at your service. 


Or maybe you yourself want and you can provide one of THESE or ANY OTHER (even UNRECORDED in the database) SERVICES? REGISTER and GO! SHOW YOU! 


If you are an ELECTRICIAN, SANITARY TECHNICIAN, COURIER, you can set a SERVICE RADIUS for your service – an area within which you can provide a service within 15 minutes. 


On the topic of coronavirusthe ability to track everyone who has contacted patients with coronavirus through geolocation data from mobile operators. For this, a separate closed group is created. You can create a group of volunteers to help the elderly, a group of carriers to deliver doctors to the place of work … when they have the opportunity to help, the green icon – ACCESSIBLE lights up. 


For EMPLOYERS – the ability to track the working hours of remote employees (link here). 


DJV-COM offers the FresH platform, and is also looking for interested businessmen and craftsmen for mutually beneficial cooperation. 


The mobile application can be downloaded here: 

This is a test version. Property management and subscription to Messages are available ONLY to registered users. 


More information on the website, and we will be glad to hear recommendations and suggestions from you at