Energy: Control devices and adapters

      Remote management of electricity consumption.



      Manage of electricity consumption. Household and office electricity meters can be equipped with contactor. Installing the radio module D100FC at the counter, equipped with such contactor, allows not only to obtain the data, but also to control electricity consumption. Also, the contactor can block the coolant by the operator or by the request of the owner in case of emergency situations or a constant consumption of electricity in the absence of the owner.


      The radio can be equipped with D100FC Adapter AD 220 for contactor control with remote opening and closing. The adapter allows you to control a contactor with operating voltage control circuit 220 Volt AC and  current up to 100 mA.

      The chart shows the radio D100FC with connected AD220 adapter and contactor for load control. At this case radio module can support only up to two pulse inputs. The pulse inputs can be from two meters, or from a single electricity meter with separate outputs for active and reactive energy.

      With the adapter, you can also control the load with the active resistance of up to 50 watts.



Single or three phase load

Operating voltage AC 220 V;

Operating current 50 mA (100 mA)

Manual opening / closing – No

Status Indicator – Yes

Two-wire control

Length of adapter cable: 0.5 m


      The radio module D100FC, complete with contactor control adapter AD220 allows the operator with appropriate permissions to remotely disable the consumption of electricity in case of emergencies – such as leaks, or in the case of non-payment of bills for consumed electricity. The contactor turn ON only in the presence of the wearer. Defaulters can be transferred to the regime of pre-payment for electricity consumption. It is a good alternative to prepaid counters.

      Also, this design can be used as limit consumption of electricity during the day with specify of consumption amount, or as dispenser – such as for warmer from one to three times per day with specify of electricity amount.