The equipment of the metering Internet system BALANCE  works in Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Certification laboratories in Moldova have accreditation both in Europe and around the world, which means recognition of the certificate in the European Union.


Pilot projects are planned in Romania, Poland and Germany.


The further development of the BALANCE system is customer-oriented. The price becomes more accessible, and the ease of installation and maintenance of the system allows our partners to deploy the system themselves.


Associations that have a gas accounting system are thinking about installing a metering system for electricity and water, as this costs a fraction of the cost of installing a metering system for gas, due to the fact that one radio module allows you to connect up to four meters.


Consumers by the Internet have access to information on hourly, daily and monthly volumes of consumption. You can compare your consumption with last year, and the energy efficiency indicator indicates your consumption in comparison with the average for the house. The BALANCE system analytics calculates the consumption forecast for the end of the month and warns about possible gas leaks.


You can set the limit values ​​of consumption, temperature at the location of the radio module, the level of leaks and the forecast of consumption at the end of the month, and the system will notify you of exceeding them. Login for the user.


Download the application for the user on Android (Beta version) here.


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