Dental Intelligence assists owners of private dental practices with the goal of assigning, measuring, and changing key performance indicators. The main task is to remove all routine tasks from a private dentist and help him earn more.

Before us is another highly specialized and fairly powerful business management system. This is a cross between CRM (in our understanding) and ERP (in global understanding). That is, it’s not just a system that helps manage customer relationships (records on a visit, monitors satisfaction, conducts surveys in an automatic mode), but also manages such important and complex functions as marketing, partial automation of the office’s processes, personal doctor’s assistant and much more .

The figures given by Dental Intelligence on their website are pretty decent: more than 4,000 private dental practices are their clients, more than 50,000 employees work in these practices (which gives us an average of 12 people per practice), more than 11 million patients went through the system and were taken into account. All these numbers allow the company to declare itself as number 1 in the United States among such companies.

A form of private practice is spreading in our country. And it is clear that psychotherapists and ultrasound diagnosticians and oculists and other medical specialists can do this. We have a huge number of different clinics of different sizes, where there are the same problems that Dental Intelligence solves. As a full-fledged analogue for dentists and for ANY other entrepreneurs – the FresH platform.


About FresH’s plans. The goal is to build such a service that will solve all everyday issues of the client. DJV-COM offers the FresH platform, and is also looking for interested businessmen and craftsmen for mutually beneficial cooperation.


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