About the project. There are many services on the market through which you can call from the plumber to the construction team. Competitive advantage is given to those systems that documentally guarantee the quality of work and bear full legal responsibility for the result. This is precisely the difference between the Center for Domestic Services.

A public offer on the site, strict reporting forms that the master can leave to the client, a signed contract – any options are good. The main thing is for the client to be sure that in case of a malfunction he will not be left to their own devices. People are willing to pay for their peace of mind. And the “Center” guarantees this peace to them.

The wizard through the application sees orders and accepts them. After completion, it also writes in the application the result of the application. Quality control of the “Center” will definitely call the customer back and ask if everything went smoothly. If the client is not happy with something, the quality control specialist will definitely figure it out and solve the problem.

The Center began processing the first applications by telephone, sitting in the kitchen. The first year, about ten requests were received per day. In total, “Center” completed about 4000 of them and earned about 20 million

The specificity of the business is that there can be many questions from customers, and the simplest thing was to build your own business, having studied the negative experience of other companies and your own.


About the problems. Working with craftsmen is one of the biggest challenges in this business. The “Center” has now built a multi-level verification system, conducts secret purchases, during which a person will try to enter into a conspiracy with the masters. Calls customers, checks the list of work performed. This all allows you to control their work and minimize the likelihood of cheating.

In addition, the wizards work through the application and this application tracks their location. Warranty masters are sent to dissatisfied customers, they offer discounts and compensations. It happens that they return the entire amount to the client.


About finances. “Center” spent 50,000 rubles on the project, created a landing page on them. And three months after the launch of the project, they had the first investor who invested 600,000 rubles, receiving 30% of the company for this. This money helped them test advertising strategies and find the best one. As a result, we entered the market well. After that, the “Center” swelled several million into the development of an order distribution system and applications. The revenue of the “Center” for 2018 is 102 million rubles, in 2019 -150 million rubles. More than 50,000 orders in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The lion’s share of orders through contextual advertising and social networks. “Center” concludes contracts for the maintenance of offices, restaurants, cafes, and legal entities, often faced with the need for a master of this profile.


About FresH’s plans. The goal is to build such a service that will solve all everyday issues of the client. DJV-COM offers the FresH platform, and is also looking for interested businessmen and craftsmen for mutually beneficial cooperation.


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