Subscription Tourism. Unprofitable tourism, do not pick up those who want it? Use the FRESH platform. Routes: Cricova cellars and museum, Mimi Castel – cellars and castle, Milestii Mici – the largest cellars, Orhei Vechi – unique landscapes. Monasteries: Hens, Hinku, Caprians. Open a subscription to FRESH. With a sufficient number of applicants, install “ACCESSIBLE” and send transport along the route.

Group to the resort by subscription. Summer, heat, I want the sea. Open a subscription to FRESH “ZATOKA”, as the group is typed – go ahead !.

Subscription Workshop. FRESH will help you to get interested, the platform will tell you the number of signatories.

Concert by subscription. To sell tickets or not, to run an advertising campaign or to wait. Today Everything is Simple – FRESH will decide for you!

Virtual foreman” – the involvement of construction specialists. FRESH allows you to accompany the masters remotely on the site and make decisions ONLINE both for organizing mass work of builders at construction sites and for “turnkey” apartment renovation.

FRESH – selection of temporary employees, in particular, for the event industry – exhibitions, conferences, promotions, etc.

FRESH – for cleaning companies, logistics companies and retailers that require temporary warehouse workers and movers.

FRESH is a virtual call center and design studios and …

FRESH – order food ONLINE in a restaurant / cafe through the app. Until you get there, your table will ALREADY be set!

FRESH is a sharing platform that connects different people to meet your needs

FRESH is both an IT platform and a «smart city» with an intelligent transport and housing system, rational use of resources and new business models.

FRESH is the next step for Uber, Airbnb, and YouDo, the “MANY-to-MANY” decentralized ONLINE platform, «HERE and NOW».

For FRESH, it is important that the services provided are divisible with someone: products that are shared should not lose in utility.

Transparency is important to FRESH. Honesty and trust should be the principles of doing business. FRESH evaluates itself, puts ratings, punishes violators like Yandex, BlaBlaCar, YouDo.

What are the threats? In home help services, you let you know when you are at home, access codes, and so on. This must be careful.

On the market? There are Profi.xx, Auto.xx, CIAN, “Farpost”, “Yula”, city portals, but FRESH‘s uniqueness lies in the single entry point to the platform, which solves many tasks of people and businesses at once. There are few such analogues, possibly Finn, Leboncoin, Trademe, Avito, Lima.

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