Do not be afraid to try NEW. Quickly check your BUSINESS IDEA before you fall in love with it and spend all the money. When entrepreneurs begin to earn a little more, it becomes difficult for them to change their minds. When it seems to them that they understand the market and people, it means that they have lost the key to understanding the market. FRESH is a tool for choosing the right trends.

What to do? May ask customers about a new idea? But the problem is that people do not know what they want. If Henry Ford asked clients what they needed, they would “ask for a faster horse.”


People have already taken all the time and all the money. And in any case, you are competing for a share of their wallet or time. The only sign of a successful product is to do something that people have already done, but FASTER, which means CHEAPER! And FRESH will help you with that! The key to success is learning how to test your hypotheses cheaply.


Why invest tens of millions of dollars in launching a product or service that no one can possibly buy. How to test your hypothesis for $ 10 and one week? The correct answer is to simply add a few of your Objects and Services to the FRESH business platform and note how many people place an order.


Test your Idea – this means pretend that you have an Object or Service. They say: “It is much easier to make people open their mouth than their wallet.” Then you will understand whether it is necessary to launch this Business Idea in principle.


Typist for an hour, Accountant for an hour, Translator (for negotiations) for an hour, Security for receiving money, delivering goods for an hour, Personal driver with a car for an hour, City guide for an hour, Escort for an hour, Tamada for an hour, Music for an hour, Quartet for an hour, Groom or Bride for an hour, Friend or drinking companion for an hour … you can add a hundred more options yourself!


Chichvarkin opened hundreds of small kiosks to sell only running phone models, But Nobody Bought Nothing. Here is his conclusion: “We all work hard, and we have a sacred right to choose. Those who restrict the right to choose are very at risk”


Richard Branson was flying on vacation with his girlfriend. The vacation almost fell through, because the airline canceled his flight. He was not taken aback, took a piece of cardboard, wrote Virgin Airlines and began selling tickets for the flight he needed at the airport. When all tickets were sold, Branson leased a charter plane and flew to the British Virgin Islands. So Virgin Airlines appeared.


Joe Gebia and Brian Chesky, the founders of Airbnb, had a free room with three mattresses, and they made a small site and rented it out for a day. In less than two hours, a woman and two men came and paid $ 80 for this room. What they did there is unknown, but Airbnb ended up. 


Your car is dirty, it’s not pleasant for you, but you don’t have time to wash it? Offer a car wash service! They will take the car away from you, wash it and return the sparkling one back What is worse than washing bikes? Shoe repair with home visits, writing a report or an article on order, or what else are you … DOING BETTER ALL?


FRESH – Free Access, short help: FRESH is a business platform for small enterprises providing services of various kinds. FRESH – built on the type of social networks – free access for users and registration for service owners and users who want to sign up for the service.


FRESH – is in demand for almost all services where users want to get the desired service in the FASTEST and NEAR their location. FRESH – relevant for services such as parking, doctor’s appointment, hairdressers, delivery of goods, trucking, saunas, billiards, courier, home or home delivery services … Fundamental differences FRESH – a mobile application, the position of the service on the map, in including a mobile service – GPS coordinates, information about the availability of the service at the moment, the ability to subscribe to the service – receive a message about its availability, access in a couple of clicks, including the ability to call the owner of the service by phone to get a consultation.


FRESH allows you to AUTOMATE the availability of services – for example, parking sensors, empty seats at the hairdresser, lack of queues in the store, empty seats in vehicles ….


Information about FRESH can be found on the website the mobile application can be downloaded there, questions, comments and suggestions send to