With the sale of goods, almost everything is clear: put your goods on AliExpress, EBay, Amazon or other Internet resources and trade. Quick product search, convenient payment, no delivery problems. With the sale of SERVICES is becoming more difficult. Unlike Goods, the SERVICE is often tied to the PLACE of the provision of the SERVICE. Unlike the Goods, in most cases, you cannot wait for the provision of the SERVICES for a month or two. You MAY influence the growth of sales of your Service by offering it HERE and NOW.

FRESS – A Service Sales Platform on the basis of which you have the opportunity to instantly Offer a Service, Advertise a Service, Find a Service, Subscribe to a Service both specifically and expanded (my quarter, my district, my city).

The strategy of the FREE ACCESS Platform (FRESS) takes advantage of the rapid dissemination of information about the SERVICES to thousands of potential customers. If you are a dentist, and a hairdresser, owner of a boutique, and a culinary specialist come to you .. You offer them the next time you visit, use FRESS in order not to wait in line at the reception. At the same time, both the hairdresser, the entrepreneur, and the culinary specialist may post their SERVICE on FRESS. But clients who will use FRESS to receive their SERVICES will also require a DENTAL SERVICE. Having typed “dentist” in a search on FRESS, they will see that on the map, NEAR their home, the service “DENTIST” is offered, and NOW you are ready to accept them.


The process will be accelerated if you place a link to download a mobile application for working with the FRESS platform on your website or on your page on social networks. You can also advise your friends to expand your business by registering on the website or try to open your own business in the field of SERVICES from scratch, for example, renting your garage, room, bed or things and tools for rent or helping to walk your dog for living in the nearest houses!


FRESS platform for Small, Medium and Big Business. If you are just going to open a company – with FRESS you can check the correctness of your choice and the influx of customers who are ready to use your Service. If you already have a company, you have the opportunity on the same equipment, in the same areas – to even out the load, which means increase revenue by 2-3 times. If you are going to close the company – possibly FRESS – your second wind, which will allow you to turn a loss-making business into a profitable one.


Business for nonresident and following with long breaks ROUTE taxis, indicating the current geographic location and availability, Couriers delivering goods and products, Plumber Service Personnel, Еlectricians indicating ACCESSIBILITY for a call, Domestic Doctors, if they are nearby, you can seek advice or help. Perhaps there is not enough space to describe all the possible types of business that can be implemented on the FRESS – FREE ACCESS Service Sales Platform.


New types of business: for shops, hairdressers, bowling – the status is NO queues, for shops and boutiques – counting visitors = hourly loading, for parking lots – availability, for beginning entrepreneurs – I will take expired vegetables and fruits FOR PROCESSING, private owners and designers – for example, we’ll make a toy according to your child’s SKETCHES.


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