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Mobile apps

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FRESH – Free Access, short help: FRESH is a business platform for small enterprises providing services of various kinds. FRESH – built on the type of social networks – free access for users and registration for service owners and users who want to sign up for the service.


Culture of power usage

It is undesirable to turn on simultaneously powerful consumers of electricity such as an electric stove, oven, microwave, washing machine, iron, floor heating, boiler, electric kettle, air conditioner, electric fireplace, vacuum cleaner.


Wastewater monitoring

About 47 economic agents in Chisinau discharge waste water into the sewerage system. “Dozens of economic agents in the capital dump wastewater into the sewage system, in which the maximum permissible concentration of harmful substances is significantly exceeded.”



MDT-W-DS is the pulse emitter which exploits reed switch  sensors. It can be mounted on Servostal single jet water meters DS-SRP R160 to detect water consumption. The two-wire cable enables the transmission data to  remote reading unit.


pH Water Acidity Sensor

For continuous monitoring of the acidity of aqueous media, rapid analysis is required, for which a continuous pH measurement technology is used to determine the acidity of water.


D-Mesh communication technology

New generation wireless mesh networks         1. Characteristics of data networks.  Data transmission networks over the air, must meet the conflicting requirements depending on the application. To address specific problems you need to determine: the structure of the data transmission network, a way to access the channel data transmission, frequency range, data rate, battery life, the… Read more »