Recalculation of the energy carrier in other energy units, in CO2 emissions and in the area of the forest necessary for CO2 absorption.

Have you ever wondered how your energy consumption affects the environment, the warming of the climate, the disappearance of forests, ponds and rivers? Information on this can be found on the Internet. Here are collected only some numbers. Perhaps this will prompt you to treat energy consumption more carefully, turn off the lights and TV,… Read more »


The 3-rd generation AMR system for water and heat

Systems of the third generation. Speed of expansion, low cost, absence of design jobs, absence of intermediate routers, installation of a measurement point in some minutes, suitability as for buildings with low density (countryside) –collect of data to the manual terminal, and for buildings with high density – multi-storey houses. Scalability – in process of… Read more »


MOLDCONSTRUCT 21.03.2018 – 24.03.2018 23rd International specialized exhibition of technologies, equipment, tools and materials for construction

DJV-COM took part in the MOLDCONSTRUCT exhibition together with the well-known company IEK – the manufacturer of electrical products. At the exhibition there is a stand for electricity consumption metering – IEK meter with pulse output and additional load control by means of a contactor. Electricity consumption is accounted for by the radio module D100-FC…. Read more »


BALANCE based on SaaS – advantages

The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model is a worthy alternative to the traditional model of software use. Instead of purchasing servers, purchasing software licenses, installing and long-term configuration, you get a ready-made solution for rent. A set of necessary applications is installed on the remote servers of the service provider and is available to users through the… Read more »

gas-02 (1)

Radiomodule D100FC

Remote collection data by radio from gas (water) meters Opportunity of connection to any meters with a pulse output Simplicity of installation Delivery with the pulse sensor Pulse sensor for Actaris, Elster, Samgas, etc. The control of presence of an external magnetic field The control of breakage of the pulse sensor The control of short… Read more »

dmesh (1)

D-Mesh communication technology

New generation wireless mesh networks         1. Characteristics of data networks.  Data transmission networks over the air, must meet the conflicting requirements depending on the application. To address specific problems you need to determine: the structure of the data transmission network, a way to access the channel data transmission, frequency range, data rate, battery life, the… Read more »