Operational costs in the separate expense item

The left diagram shows the payment of gas, water, electricity and heat in the absence of meters. At the same time, operating costs are about 30%. When installing meters, the average consumption drops by about half, see the diagram in the center, respectively, the service organization will receive only half of the funds necessary to… Read more »


The 3-rd generation AMR system for water and heat

Systems of the third generation. Speed of expansion, low cost, absence of design jobs, absence of intermediate routers, installation of a measurement point in some minutes, suitability as for buildings with low density (countryside) –collect of data to the manual terminal, and for buildings with high density – multi-storey houses. Scalability – in process of… Read more »

gas-02 (1)

Radiomodule D100FC

Remote collection data by radio from gas (water) meters Opportunity of connection to any meters with a pulse output Simplicity of installation Delivery with the pulse sensor Pulse sensor for Actaris, Elster, Samgas, etc. The control of presence of an external magnetic field The control of breakage of the pulse sensor The control of short… Read more »

dmesh (1)

D-Mesh communication technology

New generation wireless mesh networks         1. Characteristics of data networks.  Data transmission networks over the air, must meet the conflicting requirements depending on the application. To address specific problems you need to determine: the structure of the data transmission network, a way to access the channel data transmission, frequency range, data rate, battery life, the… Read more »