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Mobile apps

Download “Balance mobile” in App store

BALANCE mobile is a simple and effective solution for intelligent data reading of energy resources in your home. The mobile app has the same functionality as the BALANCE web app but is targeted and optimized for mobile devices. If you have the remote recorder system installed by DJV-COM. you can use BALANCE mobile to access your electricity, gas,… Read more »


Congratulations on the winter holidays

Dear customers, During this special holiday season, we want to extend our warmest wishes to you! May this time bring you joy, peace, and unforgettable moments with your loved ones.


Ultrasonic heat meter JOYR200

JOYR200 ultrasonic heat meter for apartment heat metering.It can be installed both on the supply and return (upon preorder). Heat meter with pulse output for use in conjunction withthe D100FC radio module for data transmission over a radionetwork.


Thermal Mapping and Logging

Temperature mapping is an important requirement for the storage of pharmaceuticals in a pharmaceutical warehouse, necessary to maintain climatic parameters within specified limits.


D-Mesh communication technology

New generation wireless mesh networks         1. Characteristics of data networks.  Data transmission networks over the air, must meet the conflicting requirements depending on the application. To address specific problems you need to determine: the structure of the data transmission network, a way to access the channel data transmission, frequency range, data rate, battery life, the… Read more »