BALANCE – is a remote, integrated account of consumption of electricity, gas, water and heat, and control of energy efficiency at municipal facilities.

The indicators are transmitted from the meters not several times a month, but every hour. These data are processed, analyzed and determined, effective energy consumption or not.


BALANCE reduces the number of employees and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.


Comparing the consumption of similar objects, it is possible to set the task for municipal farms to reach the consumption of the most efficient of them, and having hourly consumption profiles, one can find out the cause of losses and eliminate it. For example, increased electricity consumption of the freezer may be due to the need to replace the sealant or deteriorate the thermal insulation of the camera.


Quality control of the provided service: Control of the lamp’s working capacity, monitoring of the presence of voltage in the lighting network, control of the switching on / off time of the lighting network based on the hourly profiles, monitoring of illegal connections and theft.


The control of the safety of utility networks is the control of network parameters, the prevention of fires, freezing and flooding, as well as the warning of the operator and the occupants in the event of emergency situations.


Electricity – voltage presence and the “phase” sensor

Gas – pressure control in low pressure networks;

Water – pressure  control  (water pressure)  and  leak  monitoring;

Heat – temperature control for 00 hours with an accuracy of 1’C.


Example of use for lighting control of a photo relay. In the morning in the workshops, offices and classrooms turned on lamps and in the majority of cases they continue to work and in the afternoon, naturally not free. To automatically turn off the lighting during the day, set the photo relay.

Example: The workshop works from 8 to 17. Lighting at 8-00 (if it’s not already dawned) was turned on, then it turned off by the photo relay, if it became dark at 15-00, then again it turned on the photo relay, and after 17-00 it was turned off!

Example of use for lighting control timer. How many electricity in our cities burns at night is useless? Advertising signs after two o’clock in the morning work very effectively?!.

Example: The kindergarten works from 7 am to 8 pm. The timer (radio module) can be programmed to turn off the lighting for household needs from 8 pm to 7 am (it’s not about switching off street lighting).


Recommendations for Thermal Insulation

– springs or door closers on doors – in the summer they will keep cool, in winter – heat;

– double doors – tambour where they often enter / exit;

– rubber seals on doors and windows – old frames and doors do not fit properly  and do not

retain coolness and warmth;

– during major repairs, replace the windows with triple-glazed windows;

– If possible, make thermal insulation of walls and roof.


Recommendations for Heating

– on weekends and at night – by timer switch to BYPASS – economy mode;

– in rooms in the absence of people – empty auditoriums, dining halls, work on

half-rate or limited hours of admission – also a transition to an economical mode.


Recommendations for Electricity

– replace the lighting with an LED light;

– outdoor lighting – timer (microcontroller) sunrise / sunset;

– remote on / off – by the command of the operator;

– a separate switch for lighting that is not required at night – on / off

by TIMER or manually;

– motion sensors for lighting corridors, stairs and basements;

– photo sensors for rooms and workplaces. At a sufficient level of illumination – photo

sensors  turn off the lights;

– control of unauthorized connections to lighting networks – based on

analysis of hourly data – identification of uneven consumption;

– Instead of a 3-phase counter, we use three single-phase counters-accurate detection;

– control of burnt down lamps – comparison of consumption with average;

– for monitoring, more than 30-40 lamps per meter are not recommended;

– replace the meter with the two-tariff meter, at night electricity is much cheaper:

saving on night work of a boiler, washing machine, electric stove, bakery.


Recommendations for Water

– for the night and the weekend – turn off – reduce the consumption of leaks;

– night tariff – filling of pools, heating of water in boilers – doing

NIGHT during a cheap NIGHT tariff for electricity.


In Chisinau, a tender was announced for the implementation of the project to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings worth 25 million euros. 22 facilities (hospitals, schools and kindergartens).

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