KVR_000584_00052_1_t218_014930 (1)In connection with the transition to winter time on October 26, citizens will have to reprogram their two-zone (day-night) or three-zone (night-half-peakto-peak) electricity meters. It each family will have to spend up to 700 rubles. Otherwise, citizens will have to pay full price for the night consumption. Supply companies are not willing to take the cost of reprogramming themselves, as they were not included in their rates, and ask the regional authorities to reimburse the costs to consumers.

Most consumers of electricity in Moscow – 75% – have already zone counters, explain in the Regional Energy Commission (REC) of the capital. Previously counters were programmed to change the time twice a year (with the transition to daylight saving time). By law, it is the owners of individual meters are responsible for their compliance with the applicable requirements, explains CEO “Power Sales Company RusHydro” (“ESC RusHydro”) Ivan Abramov. “In the transition to standard time occurs divergence per hour, according to GOST maximum allowable difference – no more than 7.5 minutes,” – he explains.


In Moscow, now consumers with single- zone counters pay 3.15 rubles. per kilowatt-hour (population with electric stoves), or 4.50 rubles. per kilowatt-hour (with gas stoves). The population with a two-zone counter daily rate (from 7:00 to 23:00) is almost the same: 3.17 rubles. and 4.53 rubles. respectively, but at night four times cheaper – 0.81 rubles. and 1.16 rubles.

Citizens and retail companies has twice passed reprogramming procedure – in 2011 and 2012, says Mr. Abrams. The cost of these works in the market on average ranged from 150 to 700 rubles., He says. Commercial Director of “KES-Energosbit” Vladislav Kolesnikov calls interval 300-500 rubles. General statistics for Russia in the number of band counters no, explain in the Ministry of Energy. As explained in “Ъ” in “Mosenergosbyt” from 6.9 million meters installed at customers in Moscow and Moscow region, 1.8 million – multirate. Accordingly, additional payments of consumers in these regions range from 270 million rubles. to 1.26 billion rubles.


But the issue is much more complicated than with the financing and the organization of reprogramming, says the director of energy sales, GK “TNSEnergo” Alex Sitdikov: “It is obvious that it is impossible in one day reprogram all metering devices. So, for a period of formal counters will not meet the requirements. “He believes that the federal government “must establish uniform criteria for the transition period: in particular, the period during which the permitted use unprogramming counter.”


All suppliers of electricity can not be reprogrammed to carry out at its own expense, says Natalia Nevmerzhitskaya because their sales allowance (cash distribution and sales) means it is not laid.

Natalia Skorlygina


Note: The hardware and software of modern analytical system integrating energy BALANCE allows a transition summer / winter time, summer / winter time for metering automatically, simultaneously and at no additional cost.


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