In order to prevent the spread of the new type of coronavirus COVID-19, Premier Energy (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa) extended the closing date of its commercial offices in Chisinau and regions until March 27 and clarified the procedure for calculating electricity. 

The electricity supplier company Premier Energy will not take electrical meters until March 31, 2020. The measure is temporary and complies with the current ANRE regulation “On the Supply of Electricity”. 


Premier Energy customers will receive bills based on an individual rating index for each individual customer. The estimated formula provides for the arithmetic calculation of the daily average for the last three months, which is multiplied by the number of days included in the invoice. It is assumed that the indicator calculated by the formula will slightly differ in relation to the actual data recorded by the counter. 


Corresponding innovations concern only consumers who should receive bills for consumed electricity during this period according to an individual schedule. 


The company recalls that receipts can be paid remotely: via the Internet, by credit card, at terminals and at ATMs. 


The supplier encourages consumers to make payments without delay in order to avoid accumulation of debts, which, in turn, can lead to the accumulation of debt to producers and suppliers of energy, and this will jeopardize constant delivery. 

A number of construction companies seemed to anticipate this situation by advertising new buildings as smart-houses, with a comprehensive view of all types of energy resources – gas, water and electricity. This is, for example, Inamstro company, the website of the company, in the new residential complex Newton House, website 


LCD Newton House is designed to free you from the many dilemmas, being the best solution for those who are used to wisely manage their time! Smart House technology guarantees you safety, comfort and resource savings. The revolutionary BALANCE telemetry system, which automatically collects and sends meter data. ” 


Thus, in a number of new buildings, in addition to remote data collection from gas meters, remote metering of electricity for Premier Energy and remote metering of water for Apa Canal are included in the projects. 


Remote metering of water from apartment meters will speed up the process of concluding direct contracts Apa Canal with residents, and also eliminate the need for access to apartments or stairwells to take readings. 


It is possible to install additional sensors – monitoring the loss of water pressure, voltage loss 220 Volts, as well as temperature control and installation of actuators on electricity and water. 


More information about the BALANCE accounting system for all types of energy resources can be found on the website