In particular, the National Agency for Energy Regulation informs end consumers that, according to Law No. 322/30/11/2018, which entered into force on March 8, 2019 after publication in the Monitorul Oficial, provisions providing for an additional proportional distribution among unallocated apartments volumes of water recorded at the outlet of the total meter of a residential building, after reconciling water consumption data for individual meters installed in the apartments.

The ANRE emphasized that, therefore, in accordance with paragraph 9 of the government’s decree No. 191 of February 19, 2002 “On approval of the Regulation on the procedure for the provision and payment of housing, communal and non-utility services for the housing stock, installation of meters for accounting of water consumption in apartments and conditions disconnecting them from heating and water supply systems and connecting to these systems, “the monthly volume of water sold to the population is determined according to the indications recorded by the general meters installed on the inputs of residential buildings, with the exception of Rendering total counter value of all leakage. The volume of drinking and hot water consumed monthly by the tenants of one apartment in a residential building or one residential building in a hostel is determined in the following order: a) for consumers with meters in apartments, residential premises in hostels, according to the readings of apartment meters; b) for consumers who do not have meters in apartments, dwellings in dormitories – according to indications registered by the general meter of the house, but not higher than the Water Consumption Standards for residential and public buildings.

As noted in the ANRE, thus, any violation of the above legal provisions, including invoicing, contrary to law, is an abuse. As a result, the actions of the administration of housing fund management companies, including the inclusion of additional volumes for payment in the absence of a legal basis, clearly exceed the limits of the rights and powers granted by law, contradict the public interests or the rights and interests protected by law of individuals or legal entities , which is an administrative violation, under the Article. 313, Code of Offenses.

The ANRE emphasized that on the basis of the provisions of Law No. 303 of December 13, 2013, for the provision of public water supply and sanitation services, the license holder Apa-Canal Chişinău signed a contract with housing managers for the supply of water and the collection of wastewater to the demarcation point (common meter at the entrance into the block). Distributes INFOCOM water volumes based on data provided by housing managers who are not license holders and their activities are not regulated by ANRE. Therefore, regarding complaints received from consumers regarding the inclusion of additional volumes of water in the form of a “share” of unallocated volumes of water, ANRE notified the National Anti-Corruption Center of the verification of the actions of responsible persons from the administrations of housing management companies in order to identify their administrative offenses. InfoMarket.

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