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Mobile apps

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BALANCE mobile is a simple and effective solution for intelligent data reading of energy resources in your home. The mobile app has the same functionality as the BALANCE web app but is targeted and optimized for mobile devices. If you have the remote recorder system installed by DJV-COM. you can use BALANCE mobile to access your electricity, gas,… Read more »


Inadequacy Coefficient

The software of the BALANCE metering system, along with the calculation of hourly balances and analytics for identifying losses based on correlation, supports the calculation of the inadequacy coefficient: an abnormally high temperature inside the room with a low or zero volume of gas consumption.


Data Query and Management ONLINE

The BALANCE metering system and communication equipment as a part of the J100 concentrator and D100 radio modules support two-way data exchange and allow not only receiving data from the radio modules, but also making real-time queries of current data, as well as managing the load – energy consumption with installed actuators – relays and… Read more »



MDT-W-DS is the pulse emitter which exploits reed switch  sensors. It can be mounted on Servostal single jet water meters DS-SRP R160 to detect water consumption. The two-wire cable enables the transmission data to  remote reading unit.


Thermal Mapping and Logging

Temperature mapping is an important requirement for the storage of pharmaceuticals in a pharmaceutical warehouse, necessary to maintain climatic parameters within specified limits.


D-Mesh communication technology

New generation wireless mesh networks         1. Characteristics of data networks.  Data transmission networks over the air, must meet the conflicting requirements depending on the application. To address specific problems you need to determine: the structure of the data transmission network, a way to access the channel data transmission, frequency range, data rate, battery life, the… Read more »