Energy: Composition of the system for the user

The organization electricity data collection.

Electricity  metering  in  an apartment of the consumer is carried out by means of the meter with a pulse output. To the radio module can be connected up to three meters of electricity.

As  the  communication  environment  indoors  using   local  radio  network.  Further, in the area  from the house to the data collection center as the physical medium for communication using GSM/GPRS.



Radio modules can communicate directly with the concentrator.   However if conditions of audibility appear worse admissible, radio modules carry out functions of repetition.



Some variants of data transmission in the Center are possible:

* GSM – the  concentrator  is  completed  with the  GSM  modem  and  data  are  passed  to  the  Center.

* Data     transmission     periodically     from      concentrator    to   notebook   through    USB    interface.

* Data transmission one times in a month from the radio module to terminal of manual data  gathering on the radio-channel (Walk-By, Drive-By).   By  this  principle  it  is  possible to get data  from radio modules established at the separate consumers. Direct access to meter unit is not required.


The advantages of solutions based on radio:

* Automatic meter reading radio increases the speed of data collection from meters

* The  reliability  of  the  data  is  greatly  improved  due  to  the elimination  errors  in  data  recording  or transmission.

* Reading of the radio also opens access to all the counters, even in cases where the consumer is not in place or if the meter is in a remote place.



* Frequency range 433MHz does not require a license.

* Thanks  to  the  new  technology  module “D100-F” also works reliably in harsh environments and in the presence of interference

* D100-F  provides  accounting,  recording  in  memory  and  the  transmission  of  consumption

* Every day radio transmits consumption data to the concentrator.

* The radio allows the issuance of additional data:  time stamps and events of radio modules and sensors


Ease of deployment

* No cost for the design.

* No cost for laying communication cables.

* The radio module is easily installed in the switchboard.

* Does not require any work on the setting up and configuring the system – all done automatically.


Advanced Features

* Daily readings for accurate billing, even in cases where the owner of the apartment was replaced

* Transfer the alarm if necessary, for regular battery replacement

* Sending alarm when pulse cable was short or breakage

* The system may be used to accommodate different kinds of energy by connecting to the electricity meters, gas, heat or water.


 Technical Characteristics:
 Frequency range  433MHz
 Radiation power  < 10 mW
 Kind of transfer data / Modulation  Bidirectional communication / GFSK
 Number of repetition levels  Up to 30
 Characteristics of pulse from electricity meter t pulse >= 30ms, t pause >= 30ms
 Range of transfer:

Inside of buildings,

On the open district


20 –  40 м

200 – 400 м

 Dimensions  68 х 55 х 32 mm
 The power supply / the Minimal service life  lithium battery  2 – 4 A*h/ 6 – 8 years
 Data storage in absence of a power  10 years
 The size of the buffer of data  96 hours/ 4 days
 Degree of protection of the case  IP51
 Range of working temperatures  from -20  to + 60 ‘С (-40  to + 85 ‘С)
 Warranty period  24 month
 Conformity to standards  The certificate of Republic Moldova and Ukraine


Water and Electricity Metering Presentation (RU) (BALANCE_Electricity_ru.pdf)