BALANCE function:


  • Automatic remote water meter reading;
  • Automatic data transfer via GSM / GPRS channel and the Internet to data server;
  • Maintaining daily and hourly readings of water meters in the database;
  • Indication of the consumed water volumes in tabular and graphical formats on a computer by Internet;
  • Generation of reports on the volume of water consumed in a variety formats;
  • Remote disconnection of the consumer in the event of non-payment of water or water leaks (need install valve and valve adapter);
  • Remote manual reading by the terminal with transfer of data to server by Internet (possible, but not recommended);
  • Software included at the radiomodules cost;
  • Providing server DJV-COM for pilot and development projects;
  • Operators and consumers access to data consumption via the Web interface in protected mode



 The system consists of:


  • Water meterswith pulse output(from one to four meterby one user)(see. Recommendations for the useof water meters);
  • Radiomodule D100;
  • Pulse sensors (if they are not built into the water meter);
  • Concentrator J100UC kit (optional version with the solar panel);
  • Optional – pressure switch (eg BLPS-YKL02 200-0.3-0.5);
  • Optional – leakage detector LD-01 – designed to work in the unit D100;
  • Optional – a temperature sensor DTI2x – designed to work in the unit D100;
  • Optional – adapter valve 3V  AD3 /100;
  • Optional – up to two valves with an operating voltage of 1.5 – 3 volts and operating current  50 mA;
  • Communication server software and the database server;
  • Passwords for web-server access.