Hotels and office centers

BALANCE for HOTELS and SHOPPING and OFFICE CENTERS: why is it convenient and beneficial?

The BALANCE system allows owners of HOTELS and TRADE AND OFFICE CENTERS to solve administrative tasks:

Elimination of emergency situations in the building (prompt detection of engineering communications accidents inside hotels and retail and office centers, leaks, flooding and smoke.


Providing control of voltage in the power grid and water pressure to avoid damage to equipment and goods


Optimization of coolant consumption due to the control of temperature profiles;


Control over the comfortable automatically adjusted temperature environment in the building;


The possibility of filing claims to the resource supplying organizations for recalculating and compensating the damage incurred in the event of delivery of poor-quality energy resources on the basis of the available archive profiles of emergency states of engineering networks.




At the facility, metering devices and sensors are connected by the Customer, for this purpose, NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED. According to the set schedule, the radio modules / controller / hub collects data and via the Internet (GSM / GPRS), transmits them to the BALANCE server. The sensor signals of the output parameters for the permissible limits are transmitted immediately.


In addition to electricity metering devices, metering equipment for heat energy, hot and cold water, temperature control sensors, as well as light sensors can be connected to the BALANCE system. The BALANCE system can be installed on the Customer’s servers or work as a cloud solution, allowing you to receive all data via the Web interface using the Supplier’s server.


The following can be connected to the BALANCE metering system:

Commercial energy metering devices: heat, hot and cold water, electricity, gas (to control the quality of supplied energy resources, identify internal losses, and promptly prevent emergencies);


Individual meters of tenants: water, electricity … for individual settlement with tenants and localization of LOSSES;


Sensors of flooding and smoke: to prevent flooding and fires, detect leaks, prevent property damage;


Sensors for opening the premises (for access control and rapid detection of penetrations into the premises);


The multi-functionality of the BALANCE system allows:

Reduce energy loss: water leakage, heating flow, an open window multiplies costs, but it is BALANCE DETECTED


To balance the consumption, which provides control and reveals the INTERVENTION or FAILURE of metering devices


Optimize management: collecting data, generating reports on the amount of energy consumed (energy, heat, water) not only for one, but for all of your facilities, even if they are located in different cities and countries.


To conduct analytics. In the Web-interface, readings of all metering devices and parameters of consumed energy services, consumption by facilities, imbalances, warnings of leaks and consumption forecasts at the end of the month are available.


To control the building processes: temperatures in common areas, opening rooms and smoke control.


Monitor the temperature and humidity profiles in the premises to create comfortable conditions, increase labor productivity and reduce energy consumption for air conditioning and heating.


Issue price

The cost of a radio module, to which up to four house-wide and individual metering devices are connected, is NOT EXPENSIVE TO 50 EURO, and on MASTER-FREE projects it can be reduced VERY ESSENTIAL. For installation of the system DO NOT REQUIRED by a qualified EXPERTS. The BALANCE accounting system is established by the CUSTOMER or INTEGRATOR company on its own.


An example of the calculation of efficiency: how much is the safety of operation.
Major savings (on the example of a hotel with 100 rooms) Average Probability % Current repair costs in euro Expected savings in euro/year
Breakthrough pipe of cold / hot water 2       3 000     6 000
Breakthrough of the heating pipe 1       6 000     6 000
Explosion due to gas leakage 0,2   800 000   16 000
Fire from a faulty electrical wiring 0,4   150 000     6 000
Permanently on: water, electricity, air conditioning 10          300     3 000


Set for yourself, make for others.

The BALANCE system is focused on technology transfer and deployment of screwdriver production to tens of thousands and millions of devices over the course of half a year. If your sales volume reaches 15,000 radio modules per year and MORE, it makes sense to deploy a screwdriver in the region, i.e. production of products according to proven technology, according to the documentation of the manufacturer with the provision of all necessary technological and test programs and equipment.


On the one hand, this is a more PROFITABLE option, since only a fixed payment for the transfer, training and support of the developed technology is made from the product. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to sell in your region and in the EU countries, the product PRODUCED in the EU. And these are WORK PLACES and TAXES coming to the LOCAL BUDGET.


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