Partner proposal on technology transfer for the organization of screwdriver equipment production. Internet remote data transmission system BALANCE for integrated accounting of all types of energy: electricity, water, heat and gas.

The company “DJV-COM” SRL, specializes in the production of equipment and software Internet remote data transmission system “BALANCE” for integrated metering of water, electricity, gas and heat since 2007.


In Moldova, we installed the BALANCE metering system equipment on more than 44,000 metering devices, in Russia, more than 5,000, and in Ukraine, more than 3,000. The BALANCE metering system and DMesh radio communication technology is primarily focused on metering energy in apartment buildings. The price advantage is up to 4 metering devices per radio module, metering of all types of energy resources on metering devices with pulse output, ease of installation — a team of two people sets up a metering system for gas, for example, up to 150 apartments per shift. The hub (concentrator) is installed in the geometric center (if possible) of the object and it alone needs a 220 Volt power supply and a GSM card. The hub (concentrator) supports a network of 240 radio modules or 500 metering devices. The network is built automatically. Server based on Linux and PostgreSQL. Open API interface for writing a personal account for Management Companies or Sales Organizations. Details about the system on our website


The technology of screwdriver production of the BALANCE accounting system equipment is focused on technology transfer under license, namely, the ease of expanding production to tens and hundreds of thousands of devices per month and cloud software to support up to several million radio modules per server.


According to ANRE, today the annual water loss in Chisinau alone is about 33 million cubic meters. Of these accidents account for about 12 million m3/year. According to ANRE, the introduction of a 4-hour limit on the elimination of the accident will reduce water loss by 10 million cubic meters per year. The decrease in the average time to eliminate an accident from 24 hours to 2-4 hours is due to the operative detection of accidents based on monitoring hourly (half-hour or 15 minute) unbalance profiles of distribution network segments, alarms on the excess of instantaneous flow rate, and also based on pressure drop alarms network.


We count: 12,000 houses, 10 million m3 per year, at a price of 11 lei/m3 – we get 9166 lei / house, the equipment of the telemetry of the BALANCE metering system on 12,000 units will be 5994 lei per house + remains for the counter equipment with pulse output + if necessary, the counter + for equipment for rapid response teams = 3172 lei.


The deployment of the system will take one year with an investment of 55 million lei or 2,83 million euro, the savings in the first year will be 2,83  million euro and therefore the return on investment by the end of the year, and in the next year of operation, the savings will be 5,66 million euro. Thus, in two years the investor returns the invested money and receives 41% per annum or 5,66 million euro of profit.


Additional advantages for water utility:

a) the reserve of capacities for connection of new buildings is freed, i.e. connection of additional consumers without additional capital expenditures;

b) the possibility of introducing a night tariff, both for legal entities and individuals, due to the lower cost of electricity at night (note: If the tariff rises, the night tariff may remain at the same level);


A more accurate calculation is possible in conjunction with the management of ApaCanal and providing more complete information on the number, location and equipment of water metering stations and the structure of balance groups. For more, see the  Vodokanal Road Map.


he attached files Electricity, Water, Heat, Gas  gives a calculation of the reduction of losses in the distribution networks of gas, electricity, water and heat. The highest percentage can be obtained in heat distribution networks, where real consumption is not recorded, which means there is no incentive to reduce losses. If you manage to get a grant to reduce CO2 emissions – this will pay for the installation of the BALANCE accounting system.


In this regard, the company “DJV-COM” SRL is interested in attracting a partner and is ready to discuss with potential investors various forms and conditions of cooperation. The company is also ready to help organize the screwdriver production of the BALANCE accounting system equipment and its implementation in any region of Europe and the World on mutually beneficial terms. We transfer all the necessary technological information, software for the production of equipment and conduct training. The cost of 5 euro by the radio module. There is a sense of the deployment of production, starting with an order of 15,000 pieces. In addition to profits, these are additional revenues in the form of taxes to the budget of the region and jobs in the region. If interested, the partner can quickly receive all the necessary information and advice.


Contacts: MD-2068, Moldova, Chisinau, str. M.Costin 7, left side, of.712.

Tel +373 22 43 83 41



Director Veaceslav Dombrovschi