Have you ever wondered how your energy consumption affects the environment, the warming of the climate, the disappearance of forests, ponds and rivers? Information on this can be found on the Internet. Here are collected only some numbers. Perhaps this will prompt you to treat energy consumption more carefully, turn off the lights and TV, if you do not use them, buy low-energy appliances, turn off the heating (reduce the temperature) leaving home and for the night ….

Perhaps you will have a desire to plant a dozen or more trees, at the country house, near your home or in the park of your district.


Here are the figures:


CO2 emissions of CO2

1 m3 of natural gas = 2.1 kg of CO2!

1 kWh = 0.68 kg of CO2!

1 Mcal = (on average) 0.5 kg of CO2!


1 Gcal = 1163 kW * h or 790 kg of CO2! If you use electricity!

1 Gcal = 100 m3 of natural gas or 210 kg of CO2! If you use gas!

1 Gcal = 500 kg of CO2! On average, if you use central heating!


One large tree absorbs about 2,16 kg of CO2 per month or 72 grams per day or 3 grams per hour!


The area of ​​the forest is necessary for one large tree of 72 m2. To calculate the total forest area, multiply the number of trees by 72 m2.


And what about prices, what is cheaper to heat a room, gas, electricity or use central heating?


GAZ – up to 50 m3 6.76 lei, up to 150 m3 7.86 lei over 150 m3 15.18 lei

ELECTRICITY – per kWh 3,24 lei

(conversion): 1 m3 of natural gas = 11.63 kW * h

CENTRAL HEATING (Chisinau) for 1 Gcal = 2169 lei

(conversion): 1m3 of natural gas = 10 Mcal


Gas 1 Gcal = 100m3 * 15,18 lei = 1518 lei

Central heating 1 Gcal = 2169 lei

Electricity 1 Gcal = 1163 kW * h * 3,24 lei = 3768 lei


Information on prices is shown on 28.01.2022


Consumers with an installed energy accounting system BALANCE can view their consumption in various energy units, as well as in the number of trees required to absorb their CO2 emissions.


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