Credit Suisse in the study “When Emissions Become Personal” calculated what a European can afford to not exceed 2.9 tons of CO2 emissions per year per person, under the Paris Agreement.

So what you can afford: Hygiene and nutrition:

– shower 3 times a week, for 8 minutes – or 6 times a week, for 4 minutes;

– taking a bath strictly no more than 1 time a week;

– flushing the toilet no more than 2 times a day;

– machine wash 2 times a week, 1 hour each;

– using the dishwasher once a week;

– chicken 2 times a week, 100 grams;

– beef, pork and lamb are prohibited;

– it is allowed to include potatoes in the menu twice a week;

– some fruits are possible five times a week;

– cheese once a week 25 grams;

– coffee and milk are prohibited, beer is prohibited;

– only diet soda and a little wine.


Entertainment and sports:

– watching TV OR using the Internet – 2 hours a day;

– classes on a treadmill in the gym – 3 times a week, 30 minutes each;

– computer / video games are prohibited.


Buying clothes:

– 2 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts or 5 T-shirts for the whole year;

– CO2 limit is not enough for jackets and suits.



– 1 air flight annually, in economy class, for a short distance;

– 5000 km of annual travel by electric transport.

The Paris Agreement aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in order to prevent global warming by more than 2 degrees by 2100. For this, scientists believe, it is necessary to change dietary habits by switching to a predominantly plant-based diet and reducing the caloric content of the diet, as well as to radically reduce all emissions that are not related to food production.


The main sources of the large carbon footprint in food are red meat, beer, milk and coffee, the report said. Our steady consumer traded them for poultry, seafood, tea and some wine. Travel is an intense emission of harmful substances. Living sustainably means limiting flying and the use of gasoline-powered cars. Our sustainable consumer takes one short-haul Economy vacation a year and lives in a four-star hotel. Five thousand kilometers a year travels by electric car, and the rest of the movement – by rail, public transport and bicycle. Starting the washing machine – twice a week for an hour, the dishwasher – no more than once a week.


Is there a way not to be so tightly bound? Yes, then you need to plant more trees – at least 120 trees a year.


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