Doctor of Economics Mikhail Poisik asks why Premier Energy and ANRE show no interest in implementing the generally accepted energy efficiency measures, that is, introducing multi-stage tariffs. Commentary for eNews.

The economist believes that the consumer should be worried about the problem of outright sabotage of the introduction of multi-stage electricity tariffs, the practice of which is widespread in civilized countries.


This know-how, almost 18 years ago, finally decided to introduce our ANRE, which, by its decisions on tariffs for electric energy dated June 24 and July 15, both 2003, established:“ For the population with appropriate devices metering, payment for consumed energy at night (from 23 to 7) is charged with a coefficient of 0.6 of the established tariff. “


Similar measures were envisaged for economic agents. However, so far nothing practical has been done in this direction.


Moreover, they are not going to do it! In particular, Red Union Fenosa SA ICS, as if it was not familiar with the above-mentioned resolutions, and several years after the entry into force of these resolutions, with the connivance of ANRE, categorically replaced the old-style electricity meters with new ones, but, as before, single-level ones. Of course, this “modernization” was included in the tariff, taking into account all costs and profits. “


As a result, national producers of electric energy, as well as importers, still run the turbines idling at night, in fact,“ warming up the street, ”and in the daytime they work with overloads. For our money – any whim. It seems that Premier Energy has shown no interest in implementing this generally accepted energy efficiency measure so far. As, however, and ANRE. The main thing is to crow, and there, though, do not dawn. “

The ice has broken Lord! Life does not stand still. Premier Energy is open to dialogue. So the leadership of the Newton House Residents’ Association ( – new building on Ioana Radu Street) took the initiative to install equipment for remote transmission of data on gas, water, including electricity.


The management of Premier Energy agreed to meet the wishes of the association and purchased electricity meters that allow you to remove hourly energy consumption costs and register them in different tariffs – for day and night tariff zones. Of course, there are still many working issues, but the first steps have been taken and there is a hope that Newton House residents will be able to pay for electricity at multi-stage tariffs.


A number of associations also expressed a desire to establish remote data acquisition on electricity, but it is problematic to do this on already commissioned residential complexes, it is necessary to agree on this during the construction of the residential complex.


In addition to remote data transmission, the BALANCE metering system ( allows – to assess its energy efficiency in comparison with the average for LCD using an energy efficiency indicator, to identify faulty metering devices and attempts to connect “advanced” residents to the power grid in addition to metering devices, gives recommendations on reduction of in-house losses by means of optimal distribution of consumers in phases, controls the temperature in electrical panels and detects faults in electrical wiring and equipment at elevated temperatures, preventing the possibility of fire from ignition of electrical wiring in the panels.


The installation of additional sensors allows you to monitor the failure of the neutral wire, arcing of electrical wiring, and also warn residents about the loss of voltage in the power grid.


About the capabilities of the BALANCE system on the web


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