For automated energy metering systems, when data from the metering system enter the billing system automatically, there are cases of incorrect bills. One of the reasons for the incorrectness of the data detected by the system is an impulse sensor failure, such as open circuit, short circuit, external magnetic field, bounce – incorrect parameters of the input pulses. All this is detected by the BALANCE accounting system and until the problem is resolved with correct accounting, the operator can check the box for the corresponding subscriber – “temp_bad” – “temporary incorrectness” and the data of zero energy consumption will not get into the billing system.


A similar situation is observed when checking a metering device, when at the time of verification there are no data on consumption from a metering device, in this case, as well as in a number of others, when the data on the volumes of energy metering are incorrect, the sign “temp_bad” is set – “temporary incorrectness” – resolving the problem.

Even one or several dissatisfied customers is already a sign of unsatisfactory operation of the automated accounting system.


The described functionality of the BALANCE accounting system allows you to exclude the issuance of incorrect accounts and obtain data on consumption in other available ways.

One of the available methods of manual data entry is on the user page “Web – Data Access – Login“. Select the “Enter manually” option, then select the date of taking readings, the time of taking readings, enter the readings themselves and attach a photo of the meter with clearly distinguishable readings of the meter indicator. Select “SAVE” to record the entered data. The information you entered will be available to the operator of the energy sales organization.


In addition to its main function – monitoring the consumption of energy carriers – electricity, gas, water, heat, fuel, optimizing your costs, the BALANCE system supports a number of sensors that can be connected to radio modules.


Sensors for measuring and logging temperature, a range of humidity, pressure, illumination sensors, including those with division into infrared, red, green, blue, ultraviolet ranges, CO, CO2, CH4 gas sensors, radiation sensors, noise level sensors, are available on request. voltage level sensors in the power circuit, reserve batteries charge level, wiring fault sensors, power loss and pressure sensors in the water supply network and much more according to your requirements.


An additional advantage of the equipment and software of the BALANCE system is that the system is completely autonomous and can be used when transporting goods in a controlled atmosphere: during transportation in refrigerators, road, rail and sea transport, in mines and mines.


If GSM communication is available, the data is transmitted at the end of the day, and in the absence of GSM communication, the data can be sent to a local personal computer, or read via GSM or locally upon the arrival of the cargo, while recording (logging) can be carried out from several days to one – two months.


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