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The Sixth technological revolution – based on the super computing power of computers, high-speed Internet communication networks and Artificial Intelligence – is EDUCATION REFORM.

here are the greatest opportunities for using AI? In education! Where is the greatest return when using AI? In education!


Virtual education. Teachers have their own worldview, their own character, their own perception of reality and a vision of the subject. It is impossible to QUICKLY retrain, reorient, change their philosophy and attitude to the environment – each is individual. Virtual education allows this. You can replace the whole methodology, the whole character, the entire base – simultaneously and throughout the country. It is convenient for preschool and secondary education.


Pros – (see the AZAZEL film) children from a very young age can be divided according to their abilities for the respective professions and, accordingly, developed in the direction OPTIMAL for their ABILITY, which will speed up the education process by several times and increase the QUALITY of the education received. Here, individuals are divided according to the psychological principle, which is also taken into account when submitting knowledge, and to choose the best approach in submitting knowledge in accordance with the psychotype of the individual and his reactions to the teaching of the corresponding subject or discipline.


Definition of psychotype;  identification of abilities; testing in areas; revealing the level of knowledge in the chosen direction; pre-school education, secondary education, training – lectures, practical classes, seminars, individual tuition, Examination Exam – passing examinations in educational institutions that have the right to issue certificates of obtaining the relevant specialty and, finally, Sponsorship – employers interested in certain specialists sponsor the training of certain students at certain teachers.


FRESH platform helps to find TEACHERS who want and know how to transfer their knowledge – grateful students. FOR PUPILS to find those teachers and mentors whom they best understand in teaching this subject. The list of specialties can be found here: and professions here


PROS AND CONS. Good – millions of unemployed who, for so many reasons, cannot or do not want to sit at the desk, improve their education or receive a new one based on their aspirations and abilities, and in the shortest possible time. Millions of teachers who do not reach the LEVEL of the TEACHER will stop spoiling children, cases of personal hostility will no longer affect the quality of education, it will be possible to learn from the teacher from ANY POINT OF THE EARTHBALL, which means that the GENIUS from DEPTH will find his teacher and his WELCOME PLACE in life, only internet is required.


To solve the problem at the state level with official tuition fees for free TEACHERS (preferably for private entrepreneurs too) – based on opening a personal bank account, for payment by card or from the phone with the removal of a single tax of 8 -10 -12%.


How to use the FRESH platform for Android is described here.


More information on the website,  phone +373 22 438334.


We offer BALANCE equipment and software for remote data transmission from water, gas, electricity and heat meters.


BALANCE mobile application can be downloaded.


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