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The FRESH Online Access Platform is equally useful for both a huge corporation and a startup and individual entrepreneur

Fresh Job – job and staff search

On average, we spend about one hour a day on the way to and from work, for a week it is 5 hours, for a month it is 20 hours or TWO with HALF a full working day.

Fresh for the farmer

DJV-COM announces support for local farmers. Today, farmers who grow their own vegetables and fruits are on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to the introduction of a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and universal quarantine, traditional markets for agricultural products are being closed.


Many citizens expected apartments to become cheaper during the state of emergency due to the situation with coronavirus in the country. However, experts believe that so far there is no reason to reduce real estate prices, which, on the contrary, have risen.

SUPERAPP application FRESH

The meaning of the superapp application is easily explained by the example of a cargo taxi. “A cargo taxi is a very necessary service, but it is needed once a year.

FRESH is Uber for the employer

We have developed and are developing a service that simplifies the tracking of working hours of remote or field employees and helps to calculate and pay them salaries.

FresH: How to Make $ 7 Million in Dental Care

Dental Intelligence assists owners of private dental practices with the goal of assigning, measuring, and changing key performance indicators. The main task is to remove all routine tasks from a private dentist and help him earn more.

FresH is Uber for plumbers

About the project. There are many services on the market through which you can call from the plumber to the construction team. Competitive advantage is given to those systems that documentally guarantee the quality of work and bear full legal responsibility for the result. This is precisely the difference between the Center for Domestic Services.